Renault: Petrov expects to race in Canada

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Vitaly Petrov says his legs still hurt after his crash in Monaco but he expects to race in Canada.

Nick HeidfeldVitaly Petrov
Qualifying position1611
Qualifying time comparison (Q2)1’16.214 (+0.399)1’15.815
Race position8
Pit stops31

Renault drivers’ lap times throughout the race (in seconds):

Nick Heidfeld98.00784.48983.11182.62282.33882.55781.86981.68881.98181.53681.22282.15581.48281.6582.08781.87681.78681.69781.51581.68381.70482.10382.6481.24381.41782.41781.10881.73782.25481.91981.98883.257101.748131.573121.496117.536115.43882.2582.66782.74782.17880.98281.17880.26479.9580.01280.05480.39982.42880.11879.64279.77180.22580.08179.93680.56181.41580.5781.28681.53580.68182.57680.20979.82280.10479.64779.56290.994118.409103.234121.83283.9181.49278.46778.09277.857
Vitaly Petrov92.95482.55981.7881.18981.17880.90281.11380.53380.42681.34381.62883.07582.34685.63183.09680.65280.44980.48681.65181.64582.0182.26382.58283.90684.07982.32881.741104.18783.9180.60980.37581.56586.046131.08490.74287.42485.737107.72485.4282.99384.33782.37280.69780.381.10681.40681.68881.28681.14380.82681.02280.59680.7680.55380.36580.59480.05880.32980.06780.12480.57580.19880.60381.66683.98385.58784.572

Nick Heidfeld

Heidfeld could only manage 16th on the grid and had no excuse for his lack of pace:

“There were no problems with the car and I did have clear laps but obviously we weren’t as fast as we want to be.

“After Thursday’s running we knew we still had work to do, but I thought we would be able to make it into the top ten.”

He started the race on soft tyres and stayed out until lap 30 – the resulting pit stop confirming a rise from 15th at the start into the top ten.

From there he benefited from the retirements of his team mate and Pastor Maldonado to finish eighth.

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Vitaly Petrov, Renault, Monaco, 2011

Vitaly Petrov

Petrov told Renault’s website he “should be fine for Canada” although his legs are still hurting after his crash at the end of the Monaco Grand Prix.

He described what happened: “I saw a Force India go wide because I think he touched the wall and then he had a problem with a puncture.

“And then Alguersuari, I don’t know why he overtook be because he was [a lap down]. I think Alguersuari just start to brake because Lewis start to brake, he tried to avoid the accident, and he braked quite hard.

“And then Alguersuari tried to do the same but he touched Lewis’s tyre and he went flying a little bit. So in the same situation I just started to brake, I brake as hard as I can, but it was maybe too late because you cannot do anything in this situation. So I hit the wall.

I couldn’t get out of the car because my legs, first of all, were blocked. And also I didn’t feel them, so I thought I had a problem because it looked like my legs were broke or something. So I was just sitting in the car and waiting for the people to help me get out of the car.”

Petrov had missed out on Q3 for this first time this year, admitting the team were struggling with the super-soft tyres.

He started the race on them, then switched to softs on lap 28. He had begun to struggle on these tyres and had just been passed by Maldonado and Lewis Hamilton when he crashed.

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    16 comments on “Renault: Petrov expects to race in Canada”

    1. It will take sometime for the pain to heal but I too hope he will be back for Canada.

      1. Yeah, he is turning into a solid asset on the grid. But it looks like Renault will not have very good run until the holidays, with all those races where they run the super softs. Will be interesting to see weather they rebound after that with strong pace.

    2. I shouldn’t be thinking this – but I really want a chance for Bruno Senna to show what he can do in a midfield car – and if Petrov is ruled out for one race that would be no bad thing for Senna!

      1. Yes!
        I’d like to see his pace compared to Hedfield’s.

    3. Nick did really well so congratulations to him. Shame about Petrov. I hope he is above for Canada, I like watching him race.

      1. Since Australia (maybe Malaysia) he hasn’t been able of repeating his good performances, but so has Heidfeld and it might be the car’s fault.

    4. Good to hear he’s ok. It must be scary sitting in your car after an accident and thinking you can’t feel your legs. Let’s hope he makes it ok for Canada.

    5. Also, interesting to hear they’ve got problems with the supersoft tyres. So their car is the opposite of the Ferrari? Maybe they Boullier and Domenicali should have a chat ;)

    6. More points for Nick, if the car is improved I can see Renault easily beating Mercedes in the constructors. Also I hope Vitaly gets well soon.

    7. Last year, at this point of the season, Kubica alone had more points then Vitaly an Nik this year thogether…

      1. The last Neanderthal (@)
        30th May 2011, 13:56

        that is exactly correct and I don’t think there will be any difference at the end of he season
        PS: this scar R31 is a big improvement ( thanks to RK) compare with R30

        1. I wouldn’t be so sure, last yeah Kubica was constantly able to challenge the big teams, I suspect part of that at least was the car.

      2. coz diz guys r just worse than Kubica.
        Not only on track much worse than Kubica, it seems that Renault struggles with car development possibly bcoz low funds and poor feedback from drivers?

    8. its rare to hear a driver admit that he couldn’t perform in quali..

      appreciate nick for his honesty..rather than trying to invent reasons for his bad performance

    9. Heidfeld’s race pace was solid as ever in the race. But he really needs to sort his qualifying pace out, he could finish much higher if he was more consistent in quali.

      1. Also best wishes to Petrov, hope to see him race in Montreal.

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