Buemi hits marshal during Red Bull demo

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In the round-up: Sebastien Buemi has collided with a marshal during a Red Bull Running Showcar event in Chiba, Japan.


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Race marshal goes flying as Red Bull’s F1 car gives him wings (3 News)

"Your mother always told you to – but this race marshal must have missed the briefing: ‘Look both ways when you cross the road’. The marshal was working at a Formula 1 race in Japan when he suddenly had the desire to dart across the track, right in front of the Red Bull car of Sebastien Buemi.

"The result – he was sent flying, for a while, tumbling through the air before hitting the track again. The marshal was amazingly unhurt."

Sebastien Buemi (YouTube)

Stefan M???cke vs Richard Westbrook – Retaliation ends with big crash 2011 FIA GT1 at Silverstone (YouTube)

David Croft on Twitter

“Mucke given a ten place grid penalty and to be reported to his ASN with recommendation that his licence is withdrawn. Not surprised by that, Westbrook at fault for first crash, Mucke idiotic to retaliate whether he meant to hit him or not.”

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Honda team-mates crash out and lost the victory in the last lap, BTCC 2011 at Oulton Park (YouTube)

I was at this race meeting yesterday. The crowd gasped and then broke into laughter as the leading Hondas collided at the final turn of the race, having led all the way:

Petrov fit to resume in Canada (ESPN F1)

"Vitaly Petrov has said he does not face any issues in returning to race at the Canadian Grand Prix."

Minister of Sport Hugh Robertson says there will be a ‘disaster’ if Bahrain Grand Prix goes ahead (Telegraph)

"The risk of violence increased significantly over the weekend with a Day of Rage called for the Oct 30 race date. As speculation surfaced regarding the veracity of the FIA’s claim of a "unanimous" agreement amongst members of the World Motor Sport Council to return to Bahrain, Robertson commented on the spectre of civil unrest."

Let money talk (Comment is Free – The Guardian)

"Given the unlikelihood that F1’s boss, Bernie Ecclestone, will pull the plug on the Bahrain grand prix of his own volition, the ball is in the court of the one group involved in sport with the most to lose by the association with Bahrain’s rulers: team sponsors."

Formula One: grand prix grandees steer past Bahrain’s bloodstained realities (The Observer)

"October F1 race threatens to join Hitler’s Olympics and the Mexico City massacre among annals of sport’s political blindness."

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Comment of the day

Is anyone going to the Canadian Grand Prix and interested in adamf184’s offer?

If there is no roaming would anyone be up for swapping two Saturday tickets to mix up the views a bit? Being in the same stand for three days sounds a bit much.

We are in 31.

Read more: 2011 Canadian Grand Prix discussion

From the forum

What ever happened to the Ferrari mechanic?

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Paradoxos!

On this day in F1

Jack Brabham won the Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort on this day in 1960.

But the race was marred by an accident involving Dan Gurney. His brakes failed approaching the Tarzan corner and he crashed over a bank on the outside of the corner. One spectator was knocked down and killed.

53 comments on “Buemi hits marshal during Red Bull demo”

  1. that GT1 crash was insane, yea he spun you off but u cant just crash back into him! Id be surprised if he didnt lose his license.

    1. Yeah he crashed right into him… But I remember Senna once doing the same to ensure the WDC..

    2. I was at the new complex at Village corner, so the crash was obscured from view. We saw the smoke and gravel dust from the initial contact, and then a few seconda later, an almighty plume of smoke from behind the buildings next to the hangar straight. Then the Safety Car cane out for about 10 minutes. Never realised the crash was that bad. Yes, fair enough, Mücke got punted off, but to retaliate like that is nothing short of moronic. It’s bad enough when someone does it in an online game of Gran Turismo 5 or Forza Motorsport, but half way down the Hangar Straight at 150mph is just unthinkable.

      All in all, I think the GT3 European Championship race gave much better action. The field had twice as many cars, was very evenly matched, and it was a delight to watch so many overtakes. It’s a shame, because the GT1 World Championship could be so much better if there were another 14 cars or so.

      1. I nearly went to bed and not watch this race. So glad I stayed up and watched. What unfolded was incredible.

      2. Didn’t know you were there ajo, probably walked right past you!

        I was at Becketts, I never knew there’d been an accident further down hangar straight until it was announced on the tannoy though, I could just see the GTR beyond the bridge but I assumed that was from the previous damage.

        I thought the GT3’s were the best too, I was at Club for that race and there was some great racing going on there, sometimes 3 wide into Vale :O

    3. It’s weird, GT1 is usually such a placid place. Going to be sitting down and watching the race tonight.

    4. Even if it wasn’t an intentional crash, Mucke didn’t have to veer that close to the side of Westbrook in order to vent his anger. Gesturing with only one hand on the wheel at those speeds in what’s likely a damaged car is asking for trouble.

      I hope they throw the rulebook at Mucke to prevent future incidents like that. Shocking driving really.

    5. It’s especially bad timing for Stephen Mucke considering he’s supposed to be in Le Mans next week. If the licence recommendation is taken up, he could find himself unable to race, giving Aston Martin yet another headache…

  2. That crash looks weird. How on earth did he hit him like that when driving past .. well I guess stuff happens.
    Crashing in the last corner is even more weird, professional racing drivers should be able to bring the cars home through one last corner, but again I guess stuff happens.
    Weird weekend. Lets hope thats the worst we will have to say after the Bahrain weekend aswell.

    1. Classic Matt Neal

      1. To be fair to him, he was so very apologetic in the interview afterwards!

        1. Like the commentators said, he locked his brakes, I owuldn’t count it against him as much as the Vettel/Webber crash.

          1. At least he held up his hands about it afterwards – not that he really could have done anything else. It was a very stupid move though, it looked to me like he got greedy and thought he could snatch victory at the last corner. On this occasion a bit of team orders wouldn’t have gone amiss.

          2. SirCoolbeans
            6th June 2011, 9:40

            I’m really surprised they weren’t given team orders at that point anyway.

            I always assumed team orders were a natural part of motor sport outside of F1.

          3. I think “don’t crash into your team mate” would be more ‘common sense’ than ‘team orders’!

  3. Watching the BTCC crash, good to know that F1 terminology has made it through to all forms of Motorsport…
    Taking team mate out for lead = Red Bull
    E.g: ‘He’s taken his team mate out for the lead!’ could be translated as ‘He’s done a Red Bull!’

    Team Orders = Ferrari

    And so on…

    1. It’s hilarious huh? All that money spent on creating this super image for Redbull and yet in motorsport teamates catastrophically shooting themselves in the foot is synonyms with Redbull.

      1. Oh and sterile domination from a team thats become as souless as any other.

      2. What made it even more of a joke was how the team put the blame on Webber and then sort of tried to back out from that later without admitting their mistake.

  4. Plato’s interview after he wins the race is another classic to rival Hamilton’s from last week.

    1. Mark Hitchcock
      6th June 2011, 2:12

      It was a spectacular interview.
      You’ve just been gifted the win so what do you do? Moan like a broken record about engine parity!

    2. Rob Haswell
      6th June 2011, 12:49

      We lulzed so hard over this interview, it was a classic.

  5. Forget the Honda crash, which is Hilarious, at the end of the video look at the last few laps of BTCC Silverstone 1992..pure bliss, and it has Murray Walker saying goodness knows what about the Super Seven and misinterpreting a middle finger as a dash for first, pure amazingness.

    1. misinterpreting a middle finger as a dash for first

      Murray never misinterpreted it – he was explaining it away in case there were children watching.

      1. Ofcourse.. I’m so dumb :P

      2. Ofcourse.. I’m so dumb :
        But surely in other situations he hasn’t explained it away? Oh well. I enjoyed the video.

    2. johnny Legg
      6th June 2011, 17:14

      Reminds me of my favorite bird flipping in motorsport; DC at schumacher at the Mangy Cours hairpin.

      Murray: ” he’s gesticulating at schumacher. i think he’s trying to say P1!”

      or words to that effect :-)

  6. That guy is very lucky to be unhurt, one step different and he could have been in real trouble.

  7. At first glance, I thought the guy got hit in the leg by the rear tire, but if you look closely, he caught the T-camera and the roll hoop with his rear. OUCH!

  8. The Marshal in question is under investigation from the FIA for:

    “Causing an avoidable collision.”

    1. He might get a 20 sec penalty added to his road crossing time.
      Seriously tho. It looks like he intended to run in front. He seems to jump at a point that he could have just as easily stopped. maybe he wanted to go down in history as the man who jumped an f1 car, but didn’t know it was buemi, who has hit just about everything else at a track, coming up the road.

      1. yep, looks suspiciously like it was on purpose…

        1. It’s a new RedBull Flugtag event. In development still.

        2. I can’t imagine the fear Buemi must have had in tose seconds. Thta marshal, if he did so on purpose, is a complete fool, and if he wanted to jump the road without knowing Buemi was arriving, he’s a fool anyway.

      2. So because it was Buemi, it wasn’t the marshals fault? :-)
        Stupid as it was – not considering the risk involved not stopping at trackside to check for cars – he did a very wise jump in the air.

    2. As I said on the forum; unnecessary shades of Pryce and Van Vuuren…

  9. How could we have so much stupidity condensed into one weekend of motorsport? Jeez.

    1. lol, so so true

  10. I went to the demo run the following day in Motomachi and it was amazing they even chose to do it. The road was short, only one lane wide, and packed 20-30 deep with spectators. Buemi went up the road once, and came back. Done. Running time of less than one minute. The worst demo ever. I don’t think he even got out of first gear. Why did they even bother?

    1. A rare opportunity for a demo in China?

    2. Maybe all the racing awesome in Britain ended up on the silver screen instead of its usual location on various ribbons of tarmac?

  11. Happy birthday today Paradoxos.

    1. Happy birthday Paradoxos!

  12. Glad to hear Petrov is going to be ok for Canada. Have I missed anything on Perez?

    1. I think Sauber put out a statement last week already about him being fine, just some bruises and going to race in Canada (subject to the medical check by the FIA).

      1. Thanks :) Think I had seen that.

    2. Do we know what he suffered? He had no injuries IIRC.

      1. It’s funny the car has suffered more damage.

  13. What an unusual weekend for motorsport. All three of those clips are bizarre. The BTCC one looks like something from an over-the-top movie!

    1. And it’d be overwhelmingly bizarre if the Indy500 had happend the way it did on this weekend as well.

  14. Georges10099
    6th June 2011, 15:42

    i was there at oulton park yesterday!!!! great day! unfortunsately it was wet and i didnt see the crash live :(

  15. Icemangrins
    6th June 2011, 22:21

    Title should have been ~Marshal hit Buemi’s Car~

    … thank god, the car was going slow. Is he not going to get a actual F1 marshall job, is he?

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