Williams: Barrichello in points, Maldonado crashes

2011 Canadian GP team review

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Williams arrived at Canada with a large array of upgrades including a new front wing, brake ducts, barge boards and diffuser, as well as a special rear wing for the track.

Rubens BarrichelloPastor Maldonado
Qualifying position1612
Qualifying time comparison (Q2)1’15.361 (+0.318)1’15.043
Race position9
Pit stops45

Williams drivers’ lap times throughout the race (in seconds):


Rubens Barrichello155.624125.44124.846119.751101.075101.6998.952106.346113.798131.06125.906119.11198.15598.634113.64797.98995.28996.291121.539115.143111.71109.68109.318131.187145.003129.378122.23120.509120.135120.459122.049122.558133.94195.9992.546104.781113.405125.867121.11494.52592.46992.22391.98591.75789.49789.51590.27989.592103.23595.02886.80385.58695.31683.76385.501104.227103.87597.899119.52393.95683.26383.6883.21681.95180.81880.4280.31680.62584.772
Pastor Maldonado150.562126.024124.098122.169101.431100.22199.951106.501113.897130.861125.35120.298.51999.15699.26197.579112.19999.676126.367118.674111.917107.199109.814126.316147.455128.907121.633120.133119.637120.555121.07123.859116.653109.72695.508102.736112.8125.978120.02394.06993.7792.4592.60691.84490.2489.35491.42990.93988.961105.08999.37584.26586.99287.19284.31105.441105.01892.554118.672137.05

Rubens Barrichello

Barrichello brought points home for the second race in a row but felt there was more on offer than ninth place:

“It should have been more but I lost a potential sixth or seventh place when I went off-line to avoid [Kamui] Kobayashi after the last safety car went in.

“He ran wide while overtaking a backmarker and rejoined the track without seeing that I was there. I was then forced off-line and lost a lot of positions”.

Rubens Barrichello 2011 form guide

Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Montreal, 2011
Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Montreal, 2011

Pastor Maldonado

Another solid qualifying performance means Maldonado has now started in front of his team mate more often than not.

He made a mistake on lap seven which allowed Vitaly Petrov and Mark Webber past. He lost further time switching to intermediates and then back to wets within two laps before the race was suspended.

That left him 20th but he made up ground with a well-timed switch to intermediate tyres.

He passed his team mate and Nico Rosberg, only for Barrichello to come back past him again on lap 42.

Alguersuari passed him on lap 47, then made an error on the next lap which delayed the Williams driver and allowed Jenson Button a run at him to pass.

At the final restart Maldonado ran into the back of Rosberg, breaking his front wing. He pitted for a new wing but crashed on his out-lap.

Pastor Maldonado 2011 form guide

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    18 comments on “Williams: Barrichello in points, Maldonado crashes”

    1. I certainly think Maldonado can evolve into a solid F1 driver. He seems to have gotten to grips with qualifying by now. Just cut out the mistakes now Pastor.

      Not sure if Rubens still feels the joy of racing around there, but finishing in the points might have been a small reward to boost his spirits.

    2. Great race for Rubens. He was unlucky in the end as it was in Monaco too…Go Rubinho!

    3. maldonado is like a naturally talented ape. he has the bare ability to go fast but his ability to learn and develop is pretty pedestrian in comparison. Each week there is a tiny improvement but it makes me wonder how long till he is a complete driver. I don’t think it’ll happen this year… for sure

    4. Did anyone see this crash of Maldonado’s?

      1. I just saw his car parked out of turn 1.

      2. I didn’t see it either.

      3. He rushed out of the pits (still damp at the pit exit?) and there was no grip at all so it seemed like the tires just locked and slid for 15+ meters.. couldn’t even make the turn.. slid onto the grass which was wet and continued to slide right into the wall in front of grandstand 11 where the wing got broken again. Dang.. on track for only a couple of seconds.

    5. I think at this stage of the season Maldonado seems to be closer to Rubens than Hulkenberg was, although Rubens does seem to have had some bad luck in qually recently. Will be interesting to see how they go at Valencia as Rubens seems good there and he’s been out qualified by Pastor twice in a row.

      Should be interesting how this season pans out for Williams, I really did hope for something special for Rubens & Williams when I first saw the FW33, seems like its not to be though.

      1. Pator’s actually out-qualified him 3 times in a row now.

        1. …Pastor, sorry!

      2. I can see them calling this season off quite early to get as much of a head-start as possible for 2012, considering they’re without Sam Michael.

    6. i swear the BBC call him ‘Pastol‘. it annoys me.

      1. that says ‘PastoL’ btw.

    7. Everything seemed to be going well for Williams a good distance into the race then it just fell apart. From what I remember Barrichello was lucky to avoid Kobayashi.

    8. Pastor has shades of Petrov 2010 about him – looks to have the talent but needs to iron out the mistakes. He will do in time I reckon. Rubens should have done better here, but he brought it home at least, better than pushing for 7th or 8th and walling it.

      1. Was about to say that, perhaps if williams keep him next year he might have improved over the winter just like Petrov?

        1. Hopefully it does not involve Barrichello having a tragic accident, though.

    9. Maurício Fonseca
      14th June 2011, 17:52

      The tragic history of Williams… Will they ever be even rometely good in a short time? All the while, Rubens keeps getting the paycheck. The guy will make 500 Grand Prix this way, no pressure, no results, just… going. (and safely).

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