Italian F3 pair complete Ferrari test

2011 F1 testing

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While all eyes are on the Young Drivers Test in Abu Dhabi, Ferrari also tested another pair of junior races in Italy yesterday.

Italian Sergio Campana and Canadian Michael Lewis drove a 2009-specification F60 at the Vallelunga circuit.

Campana won the Italian Formula Three championship and Lewis was the best rookie in the series this year. Campana did 43 laps and set a best time of 1’20.600, while Lewis did a quickest time of 1’21.040 in 45 laps.

Ferrari Driver Academy head Luca Baldisserri said: “Our commitment to the youngsters in the Italian F3 will definitely run in 2012.

“Since 2008, we have offered this opportunity to the most deserving drivers from the series, running them in our F1 car, which, if only for a day, gives them a chance to realise their dream of getting close to the world of Ferrari.”

2011 F1 testing

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19 comments on “Italian F3 pair complete Ferrari test”

  1. Looks like Ferrari would like an italian.

    This youth testing has really been great for F1.
    I think with a few tweaks (age limit or F1 mileage limit?) it would be great to see it 3 times a year, or maybe even more!

    Teams get testing, youth drivers get a chance, tracks get more exposure, it’s win-win-win.

    1. Agreed, and also here it’s actually a case of testing out talented drivers, and giving them an opportunity, rather than hiring out your car to GP2 drivers with a bag of money…

    2. I dont agree with you I think not all is great with this new young tests. Teams are making excuses to test new parts rather than benchmarking drivers, this tests are not cheap, some drivers have to bring more than 250k £ to test this cars and in the end all they won was another chance to keep dreaming because I dont think any of the teams are really thinking in signing any of this young drivers.

  2. Keith, do you know if these two will be racing at the Macau Gp this weekend and will it be on TV?

  3. The thing I’m happiest about is that they kept the car in it’s original livery, none of this changing it to your current livery to keep the sponsors happy nonsense!

    1. I was so disappointed when Mercedes did that to a Brawn last year…

    2. I agree. I also think the F60 is a nice car. Much prettier than the 2010/11 cars.

    3. Maybe they should have swapped the Bridgestone stickers for Pirelli ones though.

      1. Minor detail….

    4. I wonder if the F60 they used is a customer car under their F1 clienti program, in which case I reckon the owner could request that his car keep its original livery.

  4. Ferrari Driver Academy head Luca Baldisseri

    I was suprised as well, @keithcollantine, to find out his surname is actually Baldisserri, as I always thought it was spelled with one r.

    Camapa did 43 laps

    should be Campana ;)

    1. Have changed both.

  5. Michael Lewis isn’t Canadian, is he? I thought he was American. He’s from California.

    1. I thought he was american to

    2. You’re right. He’s Californian not Canadian.

  6. Michael (Schumacher) Lewis (Hamilton). for sure very powerful and re-mindful name!

  7. Seeing these pictures only reminds me how ugly the 2009 cars were. Thank god for development.

    1. @rob-wilson Seeing them now with longer bodies is such a massive step from 2009. The days of re-fuelling are long gone!

  8. Like Mclaren in the future they may try to build a whole Italian team.

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