Perez moved back five places after penalty

2012 Australian Grand Prix

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Sergio Perez has been relegated to 22nd on the provisional grid for the Australian Grand Prix.

The Sauber driver was handed a five-place penalty following a gearbox change.

He was unable to set a time in Q2 because of the problem: “We made some set-up changes to the car today and in Q1 I was busy adapting my driving style a bit.

“In Q2 I knew exactly what to do but then I could not shift any more because of a gearbox problem. It is a true shame as there was a lot more to come from the car and from myself.”

Perez’s penalty will move him behind Kimi Raikkonen, both Caterhams and both Marussias.

If HRT are not allowed to start, having failed to beat the 107% time in Q1, Perez will be the last starter on the grid.

Perez was disqualified fro last year’s Australian Grand Prix following a technical infringement.

See the updated Australian Grand Prix grid.

2012 Australian Grand Prix

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    9 comments on “Perez moved back five places after penalty”

    1. Oh dear. This circuit has been rather unlucky for them the past couple of years!

      I wonder if this will come back to haunt them later in the season as well.

    2. Well, that’s unfortunate. Perez has looked far more comfortable in the Sauber than Kobayashi has all weekend.

      1. That’s for sure. Kobayashi has looked ragged all weekend. Perez was actually looking pretty decent more often than not.

        1. Kobayashi looked fine in Q1 when he topped the charts and I can’t help but feel that Alonso’s red flag destroyed a run that would have brought him close to, or even in the top 10. Same goes for Perez btw, that flag hit them at an awfully awkward moment.

          1. Agree. Kobayashi was looking very competative, if he had matched his Q1 time he would have made it into Q3. He was confused as to where all the grip went in the later run. I just hope he has a good race tomorrow and can make it into a solid top 10 finish.

    3. Australia must have a grudge against him. I hope he storms through the pack.

      1. I hope so too – I predicted that he would come tenth in the game I’m running for another forum.

        Australia doesn’t seem to be a lucky track for him.

    4. Pretty dissapointed in Sauber to be honest. Thought they might be quick. They weren’t.

    5. I wonder if we will see another one stop race from Sergio. He belongs much higher than last place.

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