2012 Australian Grand Prix lap charts

2012 Australian Grand Prix

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Analyse the Australian Grand Prix with the interactive lap chart and race progress charts.

As was often the case last year, Mark Webber made a poor start, losing four places. It could have been even worse as he made contact with two other cars, fortunately not picking up serious damage.

The Ferrari drivers started 12th and 16th but by the end of the first lap they were sixth and ninth.

The were aided by several drivers in front of them hitting trouble. Romain Grosjean and Nico Hulkenberg were out within the first two laps, and Daniel Ricciardo and Bruno Senna dropped back following contact at the first corner.

Kimi Raikkonen gained ten places during the race – three in the final lap – to finish seventh.

Only half of the top ten finishers started the last lap in the position they finished.

Pastor Maldonado put his Williams in the barriers while running sixth. Behind him Sergio Perez and Nico Rosberg made contact, and Raikkonen moved in to take advantage.

Lap chart

This graph shows the position of each driver on every lap of the race. Show and hide drivers using the controls below.


Lewis Hamilton12222222222222221243322222222222222243333333333333333333333
Jenson Button21111111111111112111111111111111111121111111111111111111111
Romain Grosjean36
Michael Schumacher43333333333
Mark Webber5988877777765481010997777666666665554434444444444444444444444
Sebastian Vettel65444444444333334654433333333333333312222222222222222222222
Nico Rosberg74555555555412101098886666555555551011101010998888888888888888888812
Pastor Maldonado877779999887654491010888887777777666555566666666666666666666
Nico Hulkenberg9
Daniel Ricciardo102120202020202020202019191919181918181817171717171717171717171717171615151515151515141414141413131312121212121212129
Jean-Eric Vergne1116151414141414141414121197765613131313131212121211111112121111111012121212121212121212121212111111111111111111
Fernando Alonso128666666666548987775555444444444447876555555555555555555555
Kamui Kobayashi13111010111111111111118714131313131211101010109101099998888711101010101099999999999999996
Bruno Senna1420191919191919191919181818171616161414141414141414141414131616161615141414141414141515151515151515151515
Paul di Resta15151313131313131313131110151414141413121212121211111111101010991212121211111111111111111111111111131313131313131310
Felipe Massa161099988889915151312121212111099998881013141313131313131313131313131313131313
Kimi Raikkonen1713121212121212121212986553329111111111099888877766689999101010101010101010101010101010107
Heikki Kovalainen181716161616161515151513131116191817171716161616161616161616151515151716161616
Vitaly Petrov1919171717171716161616141412111111111516151515151515151515151414141414
Timo Glock20141415151515171717171616161515151516151918181818181818181818181818181717171716161616161616161414141414141414141414
Charles Pic211818181818181818181817171718171719191918191919191919191919191919191918181818171717171717171716161616161615
Sergio Perez22121111101010101010101097665432244713131313121212111099987777777777777777777778

Race progress chart

This graph shows how far each driver was behind the leader on every lap of the race, in seconds. Show and hide drivers using the controls below.


Lewis Hamilton1.3582.2412.4572.6733.1353.3983.4693.8063.9733.6773.3093.4133.3243.4153.501.9419.3279.8411.19311.44611.41611.86110.910.2089.6499.529.5669.4969.4159.6710.43510.80310.89610.8917.89813.9781.9831.7382.651.0183.2934.2284.5314.6894.544.824.1994.2974.4584.4614.3414.4054.7494.85.2545.0544.075
Jenson Button00000000000000014.11800000000000000000006.9610000000000000000000000
Romain Grosjean4.466
Michael Schumacher2.7384.4515.5036.3937.7688.9981011.30612.12713.381
Mark Webber6.0728.59710.14311.59712.49214.1415.34716.61417.44417.55218.6219.59420.16339.15144.67437.12615.91215.20817.04617.10917.36618.39819.98119.82620.04420.82722.10323.53425.54827.71731.06430.56530.27429.57328.51415.81122.6353.4982.7793.31.4753.9324.9225.4145.4475.6085.7795.2445.6095.5615.4175.0844.8815.4445.4796.0715.7714.547
Sebastian Vettel3.7655.5116.0097.0268.21611.59812.04412.55212.65813.74413.36413.04412.65612.17711.28226.23612.27712.20211.66611.73113.29512.74213.07612.55711.82511.72911.94811.90112.19512.00412.23312.69513.0112.86412.51402.2750.9940.8341.3210.692.5613.4713.8243.8253.8443.9153.3733.5793.7543.5933.2362.9812.8713.2213.6243.3032.139
Nico Rosberg3.4026.2227.6979.06310.40913.12114.09514.95115.57115.78517.40437.18943.30742.47341.28234.3113.97314.49816.41816.49216.65317.45318.97419.42419.47520.17321.69223.14125.18627.44149.39558.48458.31858.06357.77244.57440.3539.4776.5167.6413.2416.6858.3789.8810.75511.98213.09114.11115.75617.23418.65521.80722.61424.34725.70927.90230.67257.642
Pastor Maldonado4.9488.3919.6110.54718.00418.98320.61322.47223.58823.50323.0723.25823.39823.17822.81936.84822.75521.76521.18520.92220.64920.55721.5624.76324.36224.3524.71725.47626.1828.05831.52531.99832.27132.39432.08819.91328.3177.5615.2675.4812.5345.296.9697.8029.1769.60610.15310.0711.44912.83413.42613.69513.82515.00116.27717.80319.14
Nico Hulkenberg
Daniel Ricciardo58.06968.75570.5571.61972.93973.87874.67676.29976.95977.22977.06777.40677.45677.40777.95275.2758.44759.68961.16163.24765.71187.60197.21297.4597.64898.27298.77899.18799.17198.957105.394106.726107.406107.582107.156105.016103.72157.07920.52716.6666.18611.65713.66915.27717.33119.21622.57122.89823.48625.01725.60426.18726.65528.44130.34331.9833.82639.556
Jean-Eric Vergne12.83517.3419.14920.58522.68624.23626.04927.97529.24130.72132.66334.835.87836.16536.0630.14210.9613.80337.84243.95443.52642.73841.87641.12240.12239.97742.00245.84647.34748.20760.77661.06161.35361.06160.62148.60265.87422.42311.3912.5584.8589.31211.6713.68315.44917.30819.80421.31822.6924.35124.64324.8725.49727.82529.72131.47433.64539.848
Fernando Alonso5.4697.9218.6529.70710.94313.47714.4415.78116.2816.4117.86518.77235.7641.06839.51632.4812.98213.9614.24614.51315.14516.9217.24917.21817.1217.86319.07219.96420.68621.3822.94524.16525.21644.55350.73738.20432.1536.554.325.042.0464.8056.3097.0558.2738.5919.3959.55310.78912.07112.52812.75813.22714.20515.45417.29218.57321.565
Kamui Kobayashi7.61611.37913.34118.15519.66221.40322.68823.91125.95128.28130.03131.25754.45459.57957.82950.70231.7931.56731.47831.70332.02132.18732.72533.34236.45837.85239.86741.42442.4343.27744.445.41346.31647.19847.97257.20259.40616.0789.21910.1993.8767.2289.03110.78111.88213.06414.51915.48517.17118.54819.58522.21524.40726.40927.38429.38732.27736.766
Bruno Senna37.62946.56349.45452.69155.44757.85460.04462.84564.4866.17867.55168.80270.61571.7971.24165.53247.20448.70350.67252.3854.07855.57957.04358.85561.22763.26865.61368.05970.12993.251103.072105.932106.4106.283105.875103.117101.88134.9716.51214.4065.94711.99314.56816.17717.82319.83101.419111.193111.967114.108117.528118.6
Paul di Resta11.58514.35316.7719.06121.67723.51825.09526.72627.94529.49332.19533.88555.65361.33460.25553.78834.07534.47834.68135.90536.35736.57436.74137.0537.89439.27841.41345.41946.72947.72749.1450.21771.97778.75978.4666.3765.49217.4519.96511.3914.4438.86111.25713.42515.03917.06719.22520.7222.49426.78128.12329.45430.56332.35733.60335.16336.0339.737
Felipe Massa7.4510.94412.70514.81717.04118.55519.93922.07625.17827.50247.45153.41852.75652.30252.2946.27127.18528.02128.6929.7330.56931.42732.15833.12635.32437.15241.11165.07272.66373.54774.52575.73876.94679.93280.86471.29689.02232.07814.89613.395.46711.07713.10114.92817.10219.028
Kimi Raikkonen9.19612.41314.80618.57820.47621.93723.41924.49126.2728.82330.60431.60233.42532.32731.13525.0485.6476.4728.22234.48834.14733.59533.51233.94835.68437.31237.56938.1838.46738.77539.56240.31340.53440.26639.9827.14538.38811.9748.1849.0563.6957.93910.47911.91712.99613.94816.08117.12919.09419.99520.84622.58325.06427.11628.53630.17232.83738.014
Heikki Kovalainen13.75418.0322.76427.28931.84536.52738.91741.03242.77844.71345.99848.25249.74671.31779.16374.89756.30557.31459.21261.02962.79564.55365.8766.93768.12669.66771.56673.97976.18878.37881.73684.387.64112.427121.905127.208182.442156.425
Vitaly Petrov16.56520.76323.89227.76732.57936.94539.73242.1444.00945.91247.07948.50250.52251.55251.09745.51126.98650.63957.99260.24361.0863.22164.22565.47166.48267.7369.00170.92273.88375.84977.53879.72184.23986.189
Timo Glock11.55517.11622.45726.90231.59736.32542.08446.08149.53152.71555.76659.04162.04464.81366.85163.86247.0451.44755.74382.8395.03297.564100.325105.554108.24115.454120.192123.046126.631130.385136.076141.6147.702151.729156.367191.036195.939157.796141.22979.23633.84137.53941.22545.50949.74553.9961.69965.9470.35674.90579.57984.31688.64398.801106.33116.584136.105
Charles Pic16.46823.33928.39433.50239.1444.11548.72353.10856.9160.45163.91267.40870.59474.34276.68374.27960.23664.77768.94573.29999.173113.83119.501123.144127.048131.77139.252144.326151.641163.188171.008177.582183.118189.669248.694288.1311.814263.624219.206156.803111.353116.595122.28127.343132.134141.121148.026153.08158.828168.29193.051216.96230.135
Sergio Perez7.99211.87814.31116.69718.47320.40221.45123.48625.3827.73231.3732.41533.70533.6532.97826.7536.8988.5789.49211.03514.69116.84321.17744.98752.46352.48752.37353.09853.07353.00452.96553.13153.08352.47451.59438.87733.4838.2865.8996.1412.8856.0767.7178.8719.77210.60111.92813.21114.92816.65318.319.71221.06322.98724.90127.52630.14139.458

Race pace notes:

  • Before the safety car came out Jenson Button enjoyed a lead of around ten seconds. More than half of that came as Lewis Hamilton got stuck behind Sergio Perez after his first pit stop.
  • Comparing the gap between Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso from laps 17 and 41 shows the amount of work Ferrari have to do to get on terms with the front-runners.
  • Contrast this chart with the same chart for last year’s race to see how much closer the field is this year compared to last.

2012 Australian Grand Prix

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    19 comments on “2012 Australian Grand Prix lap charts”

    1. Excellent as always Keith, it must be said.

    2. Lotus had bad luck this weekend,car seems to have the pace.Hope they keep on developing the car through the season.Kimi will take care of the rest.Nice charts to :)

    3. The race progress chart shows that it was a 2 horses race, and the prancing horse is not included.

    4. Great chart to analyse cars’ speed! My

      + Maldonado showed good speed. Many times he was faster than Button
      + Perez ran many laps as fast as the leaders. Great potential!
      + Kimi was almost as fast as leaders when he was not behind slower cars. Great potential!
      – Alonso really was slow with his Ferrari. This shows how he did manage to get absolutely best out of that slow Ferrari today.

      McLaren is fastest
      RBR not far behind
      Merc potentially fast, but has tire issues – maybe on regular track they don’t suffer so much
      Lotus potentially fast, extremely good tire performance. They can squeeze more speed out because of that!
      Sauber – same as Lotus, probably a bit slower
      Williams – a lot faster than Ferrari, but probably slower than Lotus, Merc and even Sauber?

      Foce India and Toro Rosso – somewhere

      Great season ahead. We will see teams gaining and loosing speed as they learn more about tires and the cars.

    5. 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th. Final two laps. Awesome.

      More of the same this season, please!

    6. You can see quite clearly how badly Lewis lost out after the first stop. not only did he loose time to Jenson, but it ultimately allowed Vettel to catch up to him. Both mclaren drivers look pretty similar.

      You can also see how much the safet car slowed Lewis lap while Vettel could drive at full speed to the pit lane. Pretty much everyone elses lap was much slower when the safety car came out except Vettel. All the people around me where like “what thats rediculous!”

      I was standing at turn 2 and i was trying to understand why Vettel was allowed to dive so fast under a full course yellows when everyone else slowed down.

      1. Vettel was well over halfway round the lap so he had less distance to travel at the reduced speed. Also, as Lewis was limited to his speed behind the SC, the pit lane time loss was not the usual 25 seconds, perhaps only 10-15, Vettel was close enough to Hamilton anyway so that a 10 second swing like that would give Vettel the place.
        It was fortunate for him but it might work out opposite in future.

      2. if he had started better, he wouldnt have the problem. 1st driver in team gets first treatment in pits. not only did he start bad, he lost 3 seconds to button quickly in first few laps, so talking about the pitstop is no excuse. he wasnt up to the job this weekend. better luck next weekend.

        1. With Button’s gap Mclaren really didn’t have to worry about Hamilton making the undercut in the stops, so really they could have pitted Hamilton first.
          As I understand it, LH had a pit stop in hand over Perez, but lost it in the last two laps before pitting.
          They could be enforcing a too strict rule in these days where the drop off in performance can be so bad. Didn’t the same thing happen in China last year, with Hamilton losing 5s on his in-lap (when Button first forgot to pit, then went into the RB box).

    7. Its because Vettel is the new golden child. It’s only gonna get more interesting.

    8. mercedes looks to be in trouble, their race pace is pretty much slower than all the cars except for the back markers. Schumacher was consistently losing a second a lap from the mclarens until he retired and rosberg never could match the lead cars times. The only

      It looks to be a repeat of last year, except this year every other car is quicker in race pace. They could end up at the back pretty soon if they can’t sort things out.

      1. mercedes qualifying performance gave their fans false hope. this new rear wing f-duct system they have only works when drs is activated. in qualifying they can use drs whenever they want. in the race, they can only use it in the drs activation points. so they cant use the speed advantage they have in qualifying during the race. get ready for a year of high qualifying, and lower race results.
        oh, and lets not forget the bad tyre wear they have which doesnt show up during qualifying but will during the race, as it did in melbourne, and as it did all throughout preseason testing.

    9. Well done Keith,. Thanks.

    10. Im a big Hamilton fan. can’t help but feel he struggled in the car for pace but no one else seems to think that. is it just me?
      and tire degradation seemed worse for Lewis than for Jb. much worse than usual

      1. it is hamiltons weak point. maybe this years tyres require better care then previous years. hamilton will just have to adapt like everyone else.

      2. He did struggle yep. I was keeping a close eye on the time different between himself and Vettel. Vettel was clawing him in pretty rapidly before the Safety Car disrupted things. He was taking tenths off him at an alarming rate.

        I think that probably attributed to his mood after the race.

    11. to me it seems this is the running order currently is:
      1st/2nd mclaren or redbull depending on the track, with mclaren possibly having a qualifying advantage and being faster on low fuel. hamilton will have the advantage over button and redbull only on tracks where tyre management isnt a major factor, his weakest point.
      3rd to 5th – lotus, mercedes and ferrari. mercedes in qualifying because of the f-duct activated during drs, but will fall back in race with bad tyre wear, and f-duct use only during drs zones. alonso bringing in top 6 results because of skill ahead of faster lotus and ferrari cars with inferior drivers.

      6th williams
      7th torro rosso
      8th sauber
      9th force india
      I thinkg 6th to 9th will vary race to race, but with williams more often at the front, and torro rosso consistent. sauber will be incosistent, occasionly top 10, other times 15th, and force india even more inconsistent.

      10th caterham
      11th marussia
      12th hrt

      10th to 12th wont change during the year. caterham has obviously not caught the midfield yet.

    12. Safety car came in as Glock was yet to catch it after being allowed to unlap himself! A bit unfair…

    13. Great stats. Pity about the extremely annoying ads. I have heard others complain about it but had never seen them myself. Just got 3 full screen eBay ads taking over my entire browser when trying to look at these stat pages.

      Consider yourself adblocked.

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