Top ten pictures from the Chinese Grand Prix

2012 Chinese Grand Prix

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A selection of the best pictures from the Chinese Grand Prix weekend.

Sebastian Vettel fans, Thursday

How could I not include this shot of enthusiastic Sebastian Vettel fans – and a nickname that is sure to stick.

Lewis Hamilton, Friday practice

Lewis Hamilton sported some new artwork on his helmet for this race. But it didn’t bring him much luck: a five-place grid penalty left him seventh on the grid.

Jules Bianchi, Friday practice

First practice was wet so Jules Bianchi spent most of his time sat in Paul di Resta’s car, completing only eight laps.

Michael Schumacher, Friday practice

Michael Schumacher was fastest in the second practice session – but his team mate best him to pole position.

Heikki Kovalainen, qualifying

Heikki Kovalainen beat his team mate again in qualifying but a technical problem spoiled his race.

Timo Glock, qualifying

The pace of the Marussias continued to improve – in a race with no safety car periods, Timo Glock only dropped off the lead lap at the very end.

Mark Webber, race

Mark Webber arrives on the grid ahead of the start of the race.

Romain Grosjean, race

After two very short races in Australia and Malaysia, Romain Grosjean scored his first points with sixth place.

Pastor Maldonado, race

Williams had their first two-car points finish since the 2010 Korean Grand Prix, Pastor Maldonado finishing eighth behind team mate Bruno Senna.

Nico Rosberg, race

The star of the race was undoubtedly Nico Rosberg, who won his first F1 race and Mercedes’ first for 57 years.

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27 comments on “Top ten pictures from the Chinese Grand Prix”

  1. Jules Bianci picture is my favourite.

    1. @sozavele Me too. His helmet is great.

  2. That Maldonado picture is epic.

    This has to be the my favorite new regular post race post on the site, top work Keith!

  3. finger boy lmao.

  4. FINGER BOY!!!! hahahaha classic… finally a come back for fans who’s suffered at Vettel’s domination :)

    1. “Finger boy comes first again!” I reckon Seb would wear that name quite happily.. he’d roll with it.

      1. finger Boy the best pic IMO

    2. I think “the finger” is en vogue in Germany, look at Nico’s celebration…

  5. Where’s Webbers Wheelie?

    1. I don’t believe I’ve seen any photographs of it, just screen grabs from the video. If I had one I could use it would probably have featured!

  6. Where is Webber’s wheelie?

  7. Wouldnt you just love to have the sort of access to take those pics?

  8. I get the biggest grin on my face every time I see Rosberg standing on his car after winning!!!!

    1. @timi
      You might get a bigger grin on your face if you look closer and see he´s got BOTH index finger up! Probable sting at Vettel´s quali postion??? ahhahahahahahaha Obviously not but hey… it makes ME grin a bit more! hehehhehee

  9. jules bianchi looks like he is sitting in a small fighter aircraft…..his helmet luks soo cool… amazing pic

  10. why this pictures cant get bigger by clicking on the like the others?

    1. That will be changed in the near future. The larger versions are accessible via the earlier articles at the moment.

  11. Fantastic photos. A little disappointed this didn’t make the cut though

  12. Even without the wheelie shot, I like the Webber one a lot. nice smoke :P Sad that the composition isn’t very good with the front wing being cropped off and too much space behind the car.

    My favourite is probably the lotus. Classic style but good :)

    1. The Webber shot is pretty cool. The smoke from the brakes almost looks like tire smoke as if he’s come sliding onto the grid.

  13. where can i get the schumacher picture in higher resolution?

    1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
      18th April 2012, 14:49

      It’s easy. You can make a right click ono the “small” photo, see “PROPERTIES” and you are goinf to see this:

      copy the link and paste it on your browser, but erase the “-886×590”

      finally you have THIS:

      Once you get the process by heart you can do this all the time for any photo you want.

      Enjoy it!!!

      1. I’d rather make it a little easier for people than that, though!

        1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
          18th April 2012, 18:31

          @keithcollantine Well, Looks like I’m a geek. But you can make it easier directly as it’s your blog and I don’t know anything about running a webpage.

          anyway… Keith good pictures, and good on the Barhain comment I’ve just read (I should have congratulated you in that post but it’s already crowded

          PS I still don’t see the avatars in ANY computer I use with IE9

      2. Thanks!!!

        I love this site!

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