Massa expects to build on Monaco progress

2012 Canadian Grand Prix

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Felipe Massa believes the progress he made with the Ferrari in the last race will transfer to other circuits, despite Monaco being such an unusual track.

Speaking at the Canadian Grand Prix press conference he said: “I discovered things that, for sure, can be the direction for the other tracks as well.

“Definitely, Monaco is different than many other tracks, but I think it helps a lot to understand things we didn’t understand before. And really looking forward to following that direction and being stronger and stronger all the time.”

Massa scored his best result of the year so far in Monaco finishing sixth, 5.2s behind team mate Fernando Alonso.

However he is unsure whether the Ferrari would perform well at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve: “I think it’s very difficult to say.

“Here is a track that has a lot of slow corners, chicanes, hairpins, and a very long straight. So I think looking what’s going on this season at every track it’s very difficult to say if it’s the right track for us or not.

“We need a good speed as well, something that we are working since the beginning of the year to improve, our speed on the straight. We know how important is that.

“So we wait and see, it’s difficult to say before.”

2012 Canadian Grand Prix

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    15 comments on “Massa expects to build on Monaco progress”

    1. I am always pretty skeptical of people saying things will be better now. But I hope Felipe Massa has turned he leaf and gets to be in a position where the team will want him to give another win to Alonso, for sure.

      1. Maybe at Hockenheim again…

      2. It’s a much better position than just lagging behind your team-mate on raw pace although a position obviously, no driver wants to be in. I’m optimistic for Felipe & hope like @BasCB said turned a new leaf.

    2. “Massa scored his best result of the year so far in Monaco finishing seventh, 5.2s behind team mate Fernando Alonso.”

      @keithcollantine I think you mean sixth.

      1. Changed it, thanks.

    3. Heard that one before from him…

      The only time Massa will begin improving is when Alonso starts setting up his car for him.

    4. Massa was strong in Canada last year, so hopefully he will be again this year.

    5. I posted this at the Kubica article as well: I think they’ll keep Massa at Ferrari untill they’re sure about Kubica.

      For sure he has to improve, but apparently he likes the car better now and I think with a sensitive driver like Felipe-baby, this can make the difference.

      So then they have this decent driver, who will even sign a race by race extension if necessary untill they can have Kubica. Or until Kubica’s not returning is definitive.


      Great picture this. The drivers’ pictures are brilliantly expressive of their places in the team.

      1. Haha, I like the way they’ve got the Massa picture looking over at the Alonso one.
        Wonder what the other driver pictures look like? I remember they had some cheesy ones last year.

    7. Has anyone notice that Mark Weeber didnt shook hands with Sergio Pérez?

    8. I’m pretty confident he will be able to continue his form from Monaco. He did well in Monaco and he actually managed to keep pace with everybody else, even being faster than Fernando early on I believe. It’s easy to look at Monaco and think someone had a good race just by virtue of racing at a track where it’s easier than usual to hold your position. However, I think Massa genuinely had a good outing.

    9. Didn`t Monte say Massa will be Alonso`s tail gunner yesterday?

    10. I think the damage is done. Massa’s form over the last year and half has not been good at all. If it were anybody else, Im sure LDM would have given him the sack. Due to sentimental values, they’ve kept Massa on. Even if Massa improves his form significantly over the remainder of the season, I will be very surprised if Ferrari keep him on.

      Bringing on Kubica will be a big gamble. Im sure he still has the pace, but will he be physically up to it? The best option would be sign him on a rolling contract as a 3rd/reserve driver for next year providing he is fit. Then perhaps get a Jules Bianchi in as the second driver with Robert running some days on tests and Fridays. It will be risking, it might pay off on the long run.

      If they arent going to keep Massa (which would be more than likely), who else would LDM sign? He has said Perez doesnt have enough experience, but that could be a smoke screen, who else apart from Kubica? Sutil?..hmm..not too sure about that. If it isnt anyone of these guys, I would really like to see Heikki Kovalainen given another shot at the sharp end of the grid. He has matured in a very strong and consistent driver over the last couple years and he will be a good fit there.

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