Suzuka DRS zone shortened

2012 Japanese Grand Prix

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The DRS zone for the Japanese Grand Prix has been shortened and the activation point moved.

The FIA has moved the DRS zone to the control line, 20m later than it was for last year’s race.

The activation point, which used to be close to the exit of 130R (turn 15) has now been moved closer to the entrance of the following chicane.

2012 Japanese Grand Prix

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    14 comments on “Suzuka DRS zone shortened”

    1. The DRS wasn’t too bad last year from memory, but it’s good to see they’re taking the emphasis off it, albeit only slightly.

      1. @ciaran That’s the way I’m thinking At least they’re thinking it over rather than just assuming that last year worked best.

    2. Interesting that the detection is so close to the chicane. Perhaps someone could try an overtaking move into the chicane but still be behind at the detection point, and then get to pull away with the DRS on the S/F straight.

      1. I agree. Why is there such a gap between the detection zone and DRS activation zone anyway? I think the detection zone should be between the chicane and turn 20, or during turn 20.

        1. Michael Brown (@)
          4th October 2012, 21:42

          Is it possible for the detection and activation point to be at the same location?

        2. Turn 20? What circuit would that be then?

      2. Yes, 50m before the chicane is afterthey brake, isn’t it? Seems to me they are trying to get a lot more activations.

    3. “Is it possible for the detection and activation point to be at the same location?”

      I think this should be the case here, so that the driver has to use more skill in applying DRS on the exit of a corner and it’s not a simple push to pass

      1. Michael Brown (@)
        4th October 2012, 22:38

        I was always wondering that, because we see drivers cross the detection point within a second, but then overtake the lead car before the activation, and then pull away. That shows a flaw that would be fixed by putting the detection and activation points very close or even in the same spot.

        1. Exactly!

          I wish the FIA could read these comments and see the common sense behind them and realise that with better DRS activation points, DRS would be incredibly beneficial to the racing and wouldn’t be seen as “artificial”

    4. How about no DRS in at least one event in 2013….lets see if it makes any difference.

      1. Damned good idea Ted!

    5. This is an area where the FIA should be more transparent. Not saying that they are hiding anything or being deceitful. I think they should come out and explain why they are changing it. Just a simple paragraph or two “Last year we found drivers were completing the overtake at x meters before T1. Our simulation predicts that overtaking will be made easier/harder this year which will increase the race experience bla bla bla”.

    6. Or how about, DRS is only shut off once the driver wants it off for more downforce. So for example if one was within a second of the driver ahead you could drive the whole lap using DRS..

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