F1 fans’ videos from the 2012 United States GP

2012 United States Grand Prix

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Fans’ videos from the Circuit of the Americas included lots of overtaking and some unusual views of F1’s newest track.

Tricky turn 19


Turn 19 caught out driver after driver during practice. Here’s Felipe Massa getting it wring, Fernando Alonso getting it wrong.

McLaren practice their pit stops

One fan got a close view of a practice pit stop for Jenson Button.

Three views in one

This clever angle shows the cars passing through turn one into turn two, then through turns five and six, before reappearing later in turns 16/17/18.

Observation tower

Another fan shot footage of the first practice session from the observation tower.

Slippery start

A view of the front rows at the start of the race which illustrate how little grip there was on the left-hand side of the grid.

Opening corners

Video by Johnny L. (@eljohny78) of the cars streaming through the first turns on the opening lap with drivers jockeying for position.

Lap one passing

Further around lap one Sergio Perez and Bruno Senna overtake Pastor Maldonado, then Button puts a similar move on Jean-Eric Vergne.

Grosjean takes Schumacher

Halfway through lap two, Romain Grosjean dives down the inside of Michael Schumacher.

Hamilton chases Vettel


By lap 14 Lewis Hamilton has passed Mark Webber and closed on leader Sebastian Vettel, who locks a wheel at turn 15.

Hamilton’s passes

Footage of Hamilton’s attempted pass on Webber early on in the race, then a successful move on Kimi Raikkonen.

Pit stop comparison

McLaren’s pit stop for Lewis Hamilton was the fastest of the weekend, while Fernando Alonso’s for Ferrari was one of the slowest.

Hamilton takes the lead

The end of Hamilton’s pass on Vettel for the lead on lap 42.

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2012 United States Grand Prix

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    1. Great footage! Nice job.

    2. Awesome footage ……. :) :) .

    3. That start video is hilarious, idiot without ear plugs cringing when the F1 cars pass then looks up for an airplane when the beefy CLK 63 AMG goes past – hah!

      1. Watching again he does seem to have plugs but still can’t stop giggling at the reaction to the safety car engine.

    4. Nice to see LH fight Vettel ….. who knows when we will be getting this opportunity again. Will the W04 deliver? I seriously doubt it but I stand corrected if the likes of Bell, Byrne, Aldo Costa and Brawn could produce a top car.

    5. Really enjoyed this circuit and hope it will remain on the calendar. The views from the observation tower were incredible and the general spirit in Austin was phenomenal. Well done, Texas.

    6. The viewing platform is amazing! Such a cool idea. I wonder how easy it was o get access to it…

      1. You mean the tower? It was $35 for 10 minutes. It was well worth it.

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