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The GP2 calendar will include a round in Abu Dhabi in 2013 but fall from 24 races to 22, the series organisers have confirmed.

The reduction in races comes as the European Grand Prix, where GP2 runs as a support race, will be dropped.

A round is slated to take place at the Nurburgring on the weekend of 6th-7th July, when F1’s yet-to-be-confirmed German Grand Prix is set to take place.

GP2 will support 11 rounds on the 2013 F1 calendar. Unlike last year there will be no standalone double-header in Bahrain, though the series will race there during the F1 race weekend.

The restoration of the Abu Dhabi races means there is a six-week gap between the Singapore double-header and the final two races at Yas Marina Circuit.

An Abu Dhabi round was last part of the GP2 calendar in 2010. A one-off ‘GP2 Final’ was held at the track in 2011.

Pre-season testing will take place at Jerez and the Circuit de Catalunya in February and March respectively.

2013 GP2 calendar

122nd-24th MarchSepang International Circuit
219th-21st AprilBahrain International Circuit
310th-12th MayCircuit de Catalunya
423rd-25th MayMonte-Carlo
528th-30th JuneSilverstone
65th-7th JulyNurburgring
726th-28th JulyHungaroring
823rd-25th AugustSpa-Francorchamps
96th-8th SeptemberMonza
1020th-22nd SeptemberSingapore
111st-3rd NovemberYas Marina

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16 comments on “Abu Dhabi added to shortened 2013 GP2 calendar”

  1. 1 less round than last year? Seems a bit odd to drop a race after a long season.

    1. It’s because Valencia was removed from the Formula 1 calendar.

      1. I was more referring to the lack of a second Bahrain round but i guess that makes sense.

  2. Not quite understanding the distinction of 2011’s Yas Marina race as a one off…

    1. It was a one-off non-championship round that was created when it was announced that GP2 Asia would be shut down. Abu Dhabi wasn’t on the 2012 calendar, but after the experiment of having two rounds in Bahrain failed, one of the four flyaway spots became available. Abu Dhabi evidently want back in.

  3. I for one am glad to see Abu Dhabi back on the GP2 calendar, more to watch at next season’s GP. :)

  4. Does anyone know if TV rights for GP2 are following F1 to NBC in the US next year? Or is it staying on SPEED?

  5. GP3 announced there calendar too.
    They too will race at Abu Dhabi, but will skip all the remaining Asian rounds. Also, Monaco is missing :(

    1. Well I suppose it does away with some of the logistical problems of Monaco but adds the cost of flying everything out to Abu Dhabi.

    2. Also this this forum topic

    3. That seems rather odd, perhaps the awkward practice schedule has an effect on that? Otherwise I don’t see why Monaco would be dropped – after all it is the jewel in the motor racing crown.

      1. Yes, GP3 practice was running at stupid o’clock in the mornings at Monaco. Presumably they’re still doing both GP2 and Renault 3.5 there and it’s been decided there just isn’t time and space for GP3 as well. A shame for the drivers.

  6. Why aren’t the GP2 races the same weekend as the F1 races? I’d rather watch GP2 instead of some of the F1 support races.

    1. @trublu

      Why aren’t the GP2 races the same weekend as the F1 races?

      They are.

      1. Ah, the tracks I’ve been to just weren’t on the GP2 calendar.

  7. what do you think the chances of getting a 12th race in Turkey if it gets back on the F1 calendar are?

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