Di Resta says Force India must make a stronger start

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Paul di Resta, Force India VJM06 launch, 2013Paul di Resta says Force India need to make a stronger start to 2013 than they made last season.

Speaking at the launch of the VJM06 at Silverstone Di Resta said: “We need to start this season stronger than we have done before, to move up that next stage and score points early on.”

Force India had a strong end to 2012, leading the final round in Brazil and ending the year with a best-ever haul of 109 points. But they accumulated just 18 in the opening four races.

Di Resta says he is “more ready for the challenge than I ever was” as he heads into his third season as an F1 driver.

“I?m a year wiser and I?ve got the confidence in the team and the people that are surrounding me to do that,” he added.

“Essentially, it?s all about the effort we have put into this car and where we?re going to put the work in over the next two months.

“But ultimately, it?s all about qualifying at Melbourne. That?s when it?s gloves off and ready to go.”

Di Resta added it had been important for him to regain his fitness over the winter after a last year’s punishing 20-race schedule:

“It?s been a good winter. It was a good time to go away, regroup, and have a break. It was one of the longest F1 seasons, and this year is obviously important for us.

“I have put a lot of effort into improving my fitness and my weaknesses.”

Quotes and additional reporting by Dan Cross.

2013 F1 season

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3 comments on “Di Resta says Force India must make a stronger start”

  1. To do that they need two drivers. Maybe focus on that decision before making statements like this, that are straight from planet obvious!

    1. It’s not just two drivers they need to confirm. It’s three. At the moment, as well as not having a second driver, they have no reserve. Are they go to the first test with just di Resta? What if he takes ill? Or is injured? It all seems quite unprofessional.

      Also @nick-uk, just to say, I’m sure they made their decision on preferred driver a long time ago. The delay in announcement/confirmation is undoubtedly due to finance.

      1. @mhop, i don’t think so they are after finance because if they are they could have announces Brunno Sena upto 10m, Vitally Petrov.., L Razia 15m – 20m, Kobayashi 6m , Sutil personal sponsor 6m , Bianchi with the discount for the ferrari Engines for 2014, or Vander gade Ducth man with 15 m……….

        There s another driver whose going to take part in jerz test for SFI , James Rossiter 29 yrs British driver, Simulator Tester for SFI .

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