2013 Monaco Grand Prix fans’ video gallery

2013 Monaco Grand Prix

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We’ve already seen one excellent video shot by a fan during the Monaco Grand Prix of the crash which caused the race to be stopped.

Here’s 11 more videos from the Monaco Grand Prix weekend of the F1 cars in action on one of the world’s most spectacular and scenic circuits.

First practice

A view of the harbour chicane from an apartment balcony.

Drivers perform practice starts at the end of first practice.

Second practice

The drivers blast from Tabac to the Swimming Pool complex during second practice.

Friday in the pits

A close-up of one of the Red Bulls in a garage during the Friday ‘rest day’.


A grey day during qualifying.



Sebastian Vettel tries to split the two Mercedes as the race begins.

Giedo van der Garde cuts across the inside of Sainte Devote and damages Pastor Maldonado’s Williams as he rejoins.

Jenson Button makes a surprise move on Adrian Sutil as they head towards Massenet, eventually overtaking the Force India on the way into Casino.

Two views of the start including Sergio Perez cutting across the chicane to keep Jenson Button behind.

Rosberg holds his lead as the cars enter the Swimming Pool complex.

Pic’s fire

Charles Pic’s race came to an early end, his Caterham catching fire at the entrance to the pit lane.

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2013 Monaco Grand Prix

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7 comments on “2013 Monaco Grand Prix fans’ video gallery”

  1. Some of these are great, really close to the action.

    1. And from some of the vintage points, it appears as if you can see more than half the track!

      1. The ninth video on this page is from a fantastic spot. Anyone know which building its from? If it’s a hotel I bet those rooms cost a fortune for that weekend!

  2. Anyone seen videos of Kimi Raikkonen overtaking at the end of the race?
    He passed about 4 cars in the last couple of laps, on a track where there isn’t any room; but all they showed on tv was Rosberg driving to the finish.

    1. Sky did show them in the UK on the SkyPad after the race, some good moves. One on the inside and one round the outside into Sainte Devote (on two different laps obviously).
      Must have been helped by the much fresher tyres but still great moves by Kimi.

    2. Not the best quality but here you go: http://youtu.be/moPM3jlXy9o

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