Rosberg focused on ‘annoying Sebastian’, not title

2013 German Grand Prix

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Nico Rosberg says he “doesn’t really want to speak about the world title yet” and is focused on winning races.

Rosberg, who’s has won two of the last three races, said: “It’s a really nice time in my career at the moment.”

“It’s new, I’ve never had a car as quick as it is now, going to every next race knowing that when I go out their in qualifying I can fight for a position somewhere right at the front and also in the race now the car is getting better and better so the chances are higher that even on Sunday I can keep my qualifying position. It’s a really nice feeling, very motivating.”

Mercedes have moved into second place in the championship. Asked if he believes they can now be considered title contenders Rosberg said: “No, it’s too early to say that.”

“We’re really focusing on getting our momentum and keeping it going as we have at the moment, just concentrating one race to the next, trying to get the most out of them, just as we have done now in the past couple of races which have gone fantastically for me, and then we see in a few races time.”

“Short-term I just want to annoy Sebastian [Vettel] and Red Bull a little bit, race by race, by being ahead of them,” he added.

“That’s the most important, to really be ahead of not only them but other teams and try and win more more races. That’s what I’m focused on at the moment and that’s what the whole team is focused on.”

2013 German Grand Prix

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    31 comments on “Rosberg focused on ‘annoying Sebastian’, not title”

    1. I have new found respect for Rosberg.

      1. +1 :)(

      2. Rosberg’s always been pure class. Takes it on the chin when a former team-mate calls him “Barbie” or tries to diminish his race win by implying he was lucky (last Sunday). When he was clearly faster than Hamilton like in Malaysia doesn’t bark orders at his race engineer to “get him out of my way”.

        1. Traverse (@)
          4th July 2013, 16:02

          When he was clearly faster than Hamilton

          A pig just flew past my window.

          1. Cool, did you get a photo?

            1. Traverse (@)
              4th July 2013, 16:52

              No, I ate it, with some fava beans and a nice Fanta…*ftt-ftt-ftt-ftt* :)

          2. If you read what he typed you’d see he was clearly referring to Malaysia where Rosberg was faster than Hamilton towards the end and should have been on the podium had Ross not told him to hold position.

            1. Traverse (@)
              4th July 2013, 16:39

              ;-) I know, hence why I didn’t quote the entire sentence. I’m so naughty! :P

          3. @hellotraverse Climate change has caused genetic mutation in pigs. They have wiings now and they are flying. Soon u will have em crashing into a berg. And the berg will be grinning. @cyclonetog

            1. actually Rosberg’s car had more “grunt”…..

            2. Maybe they had some Red Bull juice?

    2. i hope lewis can repeat the amazing quali lap that he did in 2011 and win again, he really is due a win. rosberg should not be upset about his two retirements because he had the luck of a prostitute in the last race.
      and there is a typo: That’s what I’m focused on AT the moment

      1. Haha this guy

    3. Anyone who is going to annoy Vettel and Red Bull gets a thumbs up from me.

    4. How do you pronounce Nordschleife??

      1. Chris (@tophercheese21)
        5th July 2013, 6:00

        I’m not sure either. I’ve heard several pronunciations.

        – Nord-shlife
        – Nor-Sheef
        – Nor-shlife

    5. Rosberg sure knows how to play to a crowd ;)

    6. This German WDC I wouldn’t mind seeing!

      1. My thoughts exactly :))

    7. i always liked and rooted (not the pig kind) for Nico. Back when he did the race track drawings he was always modest and very likeable, and now that his recognition as a winning driver has emerged Nico retains that modesty. Thanks, RnR

    8. LOL, I am officially a Rosberg fan :-)

    9. Its this kind of mentality that has not stopped Vettel’s march to success as drivers are not bothered with winning its just about Vettel same as Alonso saying we have to finish in front of Vettel so if Vettel finishes 12th its ok for him to finish 11th.

      1. You’re right- they’re so obsessed with Vettel, they’re not focusing as much on winning. Vettel clears his head of all the rubbish and delivers

        1. @91jb12

          Is that why when Vettel retired all the drivers slowed down?

      2. Alonso has constantly been saying that from whoever driver was in front of him in the points, Vettel normally. So he did with Raikonnen at the beginning of the seasson. His kind of mentallity is to win the WDC and score more points that direct contenders. Anything wrong with that!?! Weak

    10. Too bad he will be out-qualified by one second by his teammate! Hamilton is a monster around this track!

    11. Has anyone noticed the Mercedes car has stopped running a monkey seat, and does anyone know why?

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