2013 German Grand Prix fans’ video gallery

2013 German Grand Prix

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Ten of the best fans’ videos from the German Grand Prix including Kimi Raikkonen chasing Sebastian Vettel across the line, Fernando Alonso’s post-race stoppage and another view of that bizarre Marussia incident.

GP2 pile-up


The start of the GP2 feature race, held after F1 qualifying, did not go well for Kevin Ceccon who was tipped into this alarming roll after contact with Nathanael Berthon and Daniel Abt.

Pre-race practice starts

Drivers practice their starts at the pit exit as the grid fills up.


Lewis Hamilton tries in vain to keep the Red Bulls behind him at the start. At the Spitzkehre, Jean-Eric Vergne loses out to Giedo van der Garde.

Marussia on a roll

Another view of Jules Bianchi’s unmanned car rolling across the track after the marshals extinguished an engine fire. Here’s a view of it which appeared here earlier.

Safety Car


Bianchi’s drama brought out the Safety Car.


Drivers flying through the high-speed Schumacher-S late in the race. Note Jenson Button closing on the Caterhams, who he later blamed for losing fifth place to Lewis Hamilton, chasing, on the last lap.

Last corner, last lap

Kimi Raikkonen gave it all he had but couldn’t keep Vettel from his fourth win of the year..

Alonso stops

Fernando Alonso comes to a stop after taking the chequered flag in fourth place. The team later said they wanted to ensure he had enough fuel in his car to provide a sample to the FIA.

Vettel’s victory lap

Vettel celebrates his first home victory with the German fans.

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2013 German Grand Prix

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    7 comments on “2013 German Grand Prix fans’ video gallery”

    1. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      11th July 2013, 10:05

      GP2 is just scary.

    2. It seem to me that Webber finished the overtake on Hamilton outside track?

      1. Well, his name isn’t Sebastian Vettel. So don’t you worry.

      2. I hear your point.
        people make a big deal of it in Australia (turn 4) and Spa (turn 1), and other tracks (I remember Vettel giving a place back at one track), but when it happens at nurburgring turn 1, no-one cares! overtaking off track over an unbroken line, there are precedents with penalties, I am glad you noticed this, I have just realised it has been happening for years! maybe Keith can do an article about this interesting observation you made, and why at this track no-one notices.

    3. Another scary moment in GP2.
      Are these incidents inevitable given that this is a proving ground for young drivers? Or is the standard of some of the drivers lower down the field lower than should be expected for the final rung of the motorsport ladder before F1?
      I’ve watched a lot more GP2 since subscribing to Sky F1 HD this season, and I enjoy keeping up to date with the races and championship now. But for me, some of the incidents, overtakes and risk taking of the drivers is beyond the line. The only blessing seems to be that the cars seem incredibly well built and safe.

      1. Especially Canamasas. I don’t know how he hasn’t been banned from the series yet.

    4. Good for Vettel to have someone cheering him on, instead of the ridiculous boohing in Canada, and celebration of his retirement at Silverstone.

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