Vettel and Red Bull’s double title celebrations

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Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull had two world championship victories to celebrate following today’s Indian Grand Prix.

Vettel wrapped up his fourth drivers’ championship title in as many years and his team did the same in the constructors’ championship.

The celebrations began immediately after the chequered flag fell with Vettel performing doughnuts in front of the crowd on the start/finish straight as he also marked his third consecutive Indian Grand Prix victory.

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25 comments on “Vettel and Red Bull’s double title celebrations”

  1. Even his celebration was superb :|

  2. Why are the bottles unbranded?

    1. Because it’s cheap. Saving costs, etc.

    2. I don’t know why the bottles are unbranded @mads, I was really amazed when I saw that on the podium as I am living in the Champagne area in France. I think FOM has a contract with the Mumm company. In middle-east races they drink something else that is not champagne, maybe it is the same in India. Invastigating….

    3. In India, advertising alcohol is banned on T.V or on billboards/hoardings. The other ads about Johnny Walker (as mentioned elsewhere) are advertising cds, I think. Most alcohol brands do the same. Everyone knows they’re alcohol brands but in the fine print they mention that they sell cds/packaged water/soda/beer mugs etc just to get around the laws.

      I guess the bottles couldn’t be branded cause everyone knows it’s champagne they drink.

      1. and there’s no fine print they can add there *

  3. Super celebrations :D… I was in tears… it was amazing :D

  4. There were Johnnie Walker ads all over the circuit, so I doubt it’s local laws about alcohol.

  5. This was probably the single best moment of 2013

  6. Am i the only one who simply loved rockys angry comment about kimi obliterating vettels FL? :D

    1. It was pretty good :D

    2. I loved it too!

  7. Hope he doesn’t get reprimanded for celebrating like that. Lol.

    1. Vettel reprimanded and Red Bull fined 25,000 euros for celebrating the World Championship.

  8. I am a big Ferrari and Schumacher fan, but I was sooooo bored at times with the domination they had on the sport and didn’t bother to watch the races. same thing now with Vettel and Redbull. fan of Vettel/Redbull or not, im sure u agree. looks like its a German thing

  9. These photos should be banned as it’s against the rules to be entertaining in Formula One. Fans shouldn’t be allowed to see such flagrant disregard for the sacred FIA rules. Keith I think you should take these down before you are also fined for giving more coverage to Vettel’s terrible behaviour.

  10. Did anyone get a picture of Vettel doing the “I’m not worthy” in front of the car? That was the best part of the celebration!

      1. @vettel1 Fantastic – thanks.

  11. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    27th October 2013, 18:36

    Before the race I heard some people saying India wouldn’t produce great celebrations. But luckily it was all the contrary, great people and an amazing result for Vettel fans.

  12. No mark webber in team pic

    1. webber was already in the hotel getting drunk together with his only racing friend failonso after the tough race for both

  13. And the icing on the cake is Seb’s retiring the infamous FINGER !!!

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