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F1 “still an aerodynamic formula” – Symonds

2014 F1 season

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Williams FW36, side, 2014Aerodynamics will remain a crucial aspect of F1 car design despite the major changes to the engine regulations, says Williams’ chief technical officer Pat Symonds.

The engine specification freeze had left aerodynamics as the main area of development for teams in recent seasons. But although teams are expected to make rapid progress with their new V6 turbos this year, Symonds believes the changes to the aerodynamics rules will also be a focus of effort.

“F1 is still going to be an aerodynamic formula in 2014,” said Symonds after the first images of the new Williams FW36 were revealed.

“There are some significant changes: the nose is lower than last year and the front wing is narrower, which means the end plates are now more shrouded by the front tyre. The rear wing isn’t as deep as last year and the beam wing below it is no longer permitted, and we’ve also lost the ability to use the exhaust to enhance aero performance.”

Williams only scored points on two occasions with their FW35 last year, partly due to the difficulties they experienced developing the car’s aerodynamics. Symonds predicts they will fare better with their new car.

“I’m confident that we’ll be closer to the front aerodynamically than we were last year,” he said. “Our ambition for the year ahead is to have a strong 2014 season.”

2014 F1 season

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8 comments on “F1 “still an aerodynamic formula” – Symonds”

  1. If Williams builds on what they learned when they ditched their overly complicated exhaust setup for something more straightforward they could hardly do a worse job than they did last year until then!

    1. petebaldwin (@)
      23rd January 2014, 10:23

      I don’t think they ever got their exhaust working as it should. Now it’s just a case of a pipe exiting straight out the back, they shouldn’t have an issue.

  2. we’ve also lost the ability to use the exhaust to enhance aero performance

    Not sure if they ever mastered that ability in the first place… lol.
    Hope they have a good year.

  3. I think for the pursuit of higher downforce levels with lower cv-factors aerodynamics will probably be a bit more important than last year.
    Overall they have more areas to improve the car though, which makes it probably less of a disadvantage if you are bad at improving aero-packages. But we’ll see.

  4. if that’s how the williams will look from the front end, i’m ok with that, looks gd if that’s the real thing.

  5. I haven’t been under the illusion that aero wouldn’t still be key, but I’m just glad that for now it’s potency has been curtailed a bit. I’m excited for the new season with the potential that it carries. I hate DRS and double points, but after all the teams have been going through to organize for this year I want to start off with the same hopes that I’m sure they have for a good competitive season of on- track action.

  6. Don’t tell Adrian!

  7. Everyone are hiding their design and sponsors by showing us this digital images. I know that I’m not a genius but just saying.

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