Softest tyres chosen for Monaco and Canada

2014 F1 season

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Pirelli have announced their tyre compounds choices for the Spanish, Monaco and Canadian Grands Prix.

While the hardest tyres have been chosen for the demanding Circuit de Catalunya, Pirelli will bring its softest tyres to the low-grip Monte-Carlo and Circuit Gilles Villeneuve courses.

This means the same mix of compounds are being used for Spain and Monaco as last year, while in Canada the soft tyre will be used instead of the medium.

Here are the tyre choices announced so far:

Circuit2014 Option2014 Prime2013 Option2013 Prime
MelbourneSoftMediumSuper SoftMedium
Monte-CarloSuper SoftSoftSuper SoftSoft
MontrealSuper SoftSoftSuper SoftMedium

2014 F1 season

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16 comments on “Softest tyres chosen for Monaco and Canada”

  1. I didn’t know Montreal has such low lateral load. The track is abrasive too…why go for the softest compounds?

    1. Montreal has always been allocated softer tyres

    2. yes i’ve never understood how the 2010 race tore up bullet proof Bridgestones, yet the fast degrading Pirelli super softs of the last few years haven’t had the same issue.

      1. Wasn’t that the year when the track surface was at its worst?

    3. it’s not just down to the abrasiveness of the track. grip level has a huge amount to do with it – if the track is low grip then the cars slide more (including wheelspin) and degradation is higher. an abrasive surface may not be quite so damaging if it is grippy. also, the track layout determines a lot of the wear (eg. barcelona or turkey has high wear because of the huge lateral loads, whereas montreal has high wear because of the longitudinal loads (braking and accelerating)

  2. Well This year we are less talking about tires than any of Pirelli come-back year so its a good thing whether they choose conservative or Optimal compounds.

    1. Less but still too much, and the reason there has been less has been the more conservative approach .

      1. I think the only conservative choice they made is for Spain and Sepang which is notorious on tires i wished they went to 2011 or 2012 Choices for those tracks but with the New Engines in test its safe to go for conservative than aggressive and have more talk on tires than engines and other things

  3. GREAT :-( We can forget about lap long battles for position then, without rain or a saftey car to reduce the number of laps the cars have to use the tyres for this will become another poor race, but hey we can always blame the exhaust sound.
    I just wish that Jenson had never caught and passed Vettel at the lend of that race, 1 pass because of worn tyres and we have been subject to 3 years of mostly poor racing while drivers nurse their tyres and refuse to get into battles for track posion.

    1. position not posion

    2. Jason Norwood
      11th April 2014, 19:23

      Err mate that was on pirelli’s when jenson caught and passed vettel.

      1. In 2011? It was indeed on Pirelli’s, but the issue there was not degredation but the wet conditions.

      2. And in the case of Vettel versus Button, it was driver error that allowed Button to get past. As for supposedly not battling on track, it would seem that somebody didn’t tell the drivers in Bahrain about that…

  4. Who on the grid runs Motegi wheels? That’s hilarious; didn’t think they made a good wheel whatsoever, let alone a wheel for F1…

    1. Well, it looks like FI just struck the partnership for this season…

  5. 10 Day Forecast according to Google suggest rain for Monaco

    In Thursday’s Practice

    On Saturday for Quali

    On Sunday for the race

    What do you think we could be in for this time around?

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