2014 Monaco Grand Prix fans’ video gallery

2014 Monaco Grand Prix

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A look at the Monaco Grand Prix from the fans’ point of view including Kimi Raikkonen’s problems getting into the paddock on his scooter early in the weekend.

Paddock problems for Kimi Raikkonen

Entering the Swimming Pool complex

First practice at Rascasse

Second practice at the Swimming Pool


Fairmont Hotel view

Monaco ‘glamour’

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2014 Monaco Grand Prix

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18 comments on “2014 Monaco Grand Prix fans’ video gallery”

  1. Some great videos again, thanks @andae23

    I’m surprised that even 6 races in, FOM’s broadcast fails to capture what the cars sound like live, when compared to a bunch of amateur videos shot on hand held cams.

    1. Why would the fom want to capture a terrible sound? They sound boring on tv and in fan videos

  2. Whenever I see fan videos of the Monaco GP I always get two very strong feelings when I consider attending the race. The first is that, as a passionate fan of the sport, I would love to go to because nowhere else can you get so close to the cars as they thread their way through the historic streets. The second is that, should I go, the experience would be ruined by the hoards of posers, hangers on and nouveau riche chavs who seem to be the target market of the race. I live in the Middle East and I have already spent more than enough time with those sorts of people for my liking.

    Having read the articles posted in yesterday and today’s round-ups which seem to highlight the fact that the race may be losing some of its glamour, I get the sense that the second feeling is the one that will win out.

    1. Totally agree with you. As a fan, I would love to go to this race, but other than the race I feel like I would hate everything else about the weekend.

    2. Fairmont Hotel view video @ 0:50

      “It’s a little loud”

      Sigh. Best seats are reserved for the wealthy, and they still complain.
      Ted’s little pre-race snippet on SKY of where the general admission people go did look pretty good I must say.

  3. If one cannot appreciate the sound in the ‘Entering the Swimming Pool complex’-video, one never will..

    1. The sound from previous years seem dull by comparison. How can anyone not love the new sound, I don’t get.

      The old V8s were loud dentist drills, that gave you head aches, (or as my girlfriends mom once asked: “are those cows wailing in the background?”) however the new sound is a symphony from the dark side.

      1. If the choise really is between cowls wailing in the background or cars sounding like leaf blowers then I choose the cows.

        1. Im with you. Bring back the cows. Symphony from the dark side- what the hell? Is that sarcasm?

      2. Paul Sainsbury
        28th May 2014, 22:53

        Go to a race. They sound like strimmers.

  4. I guess Kimi has never been there before?
    At least he did not oversleep.

    1. Maybe Lotus didn’t have money for a Vespa?

  5. Cars sound Awesome on the start video
    I love that whistle of the turbo

  6. Those cars are quicker than I thought on the start

  7. the turbos sound like dentist drills. i much prefer the naturally aspirated engines. more enjoyable than being reminded of getting a root canal.

  8. Thanks for the article.
    Crowd sourced views are amazing!!
    A great perspective on what’s going on.

  9. Good stuff. :)

  10. In the video “Entering the Swimming Pool complex” all the cars sound awesome, except the car passing at 0:12, which sounds very different and muffled. I can’t make out if it’s a Mercedes, or perhaps a mclaren. Does anyone know?

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