Hulkenberg says mistakes cost him a place in Q2

2014 Belgian Grand Prix

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Nico Hulkenberg says he could have made it into Q2 despite only using one set of intermediate tyres during the first part of qualifying.

Hulkenberg was knocked out in Q1 for the first time this year in qualifying at Spa-Francorchamps today. “It was a difficult session in tricky conditions,” he said.

“Initially it was looking good – I was on the pace and we chose to stay out on one set of intermediates for the whole session. Maybe that was a factor in missing out on Q2 because my tyres were quite old and worn by the end of the session.

“Q2 should still have been possible, but I made mistakes on my last two laps and out-braked myself going into the final corner, went wide and lost time.”

However Hulkenberg is optimistic of making progress tomorrow from 18th on the grid. “I believe we can recover because we’ve got a solid car and the long run pace in the dry yesterday looked promising,” he said.

2014 Belgian Grand Prix

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5 comments on “Hulkenberg says mistakes cost him a place in Q2”

  1. First time he’s ben knocked out in Q1 since Spain ’12 as I hear.
    Not many people have gone longer have they? Vettel, Lewis Rosberg Button.
    And he has had a midfield car.

    1. @udm7
      It was Monza 2012 where he had a issue which unfortunately put him out of Q1 with out turning a lap on track

  2. Wow, I suppose it’s a bit sad that I’m really impressed that a driver was mature enough to come out and say that they screwed up, most (like lewis) either make up a problem, or in hamilton’s case, blame his failure to warm his brakes correctly on the car or the team

  3. While this is a blip on his season this year, I think putting into the context of this being the first time hes failed to reach q2 since 2012 is quite a feat. I still cannot fathom how this guy isnt in a top 3 team… If teams are serious about winning races then this guy surely a good bet

  4. Too tall
    Too heavy
    Too old

    Sad !

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