2014 Belgian Grand Prix Sunday in Tweets

2014 Belgian Grand Prix

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The Belgian Grand Prix saw another fine win for Daniel Ricciardo, a thrilling four-way battle between Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel and the McLarens, and an all-Finnish fight for third.

But one subject dominated the post-race discussion on Twitter – particularly when Lewis Hamilton told the media Nico Rosberg had admitted to ‘hitting him on purpose’.

Here are the best Tweets from Sunday at Spa-Francorchamps.

Support races

Red Bull’s Alex Lynn added to his championship lead in the GP3 sprint race, while Williams’ Felipe Nasr took victory in GP2.

The race

The Belgian Grand Prix was dry, but before the start it seemed like rain was to be expected.

Andre Lotterer was getting ready for his maiden Formula One start, but it would all be over soon. The team later said the loss of power might have been caused by him running over a kerb at Blanchimont.

Kevin Magnussen defended aggressively – first against Nico Hulkenberg, then against three world champions.

Hamilton eventually parked his car six laps from home.

After the chequered flag

Daniel Ricciardo took another victory for Red Bull, his third of the season, as the Mercedes incident was centre of attention.



Drivers react

Kamui Kobayashi was not at Spa, where rumours were flying about other potential occupants of his seat. How many races does he have left in 2014?

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2014 Belgian Grand Prix

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5 comments on “2014 Belgian Grand Prix Sunday in Tweets”

  1. Gutted for Lotterer. Imagine being so excited for your Grand Prix debut, having outqualified your teammate by over a second, and then your car gives up on the first lap! Hopefully this won’t be the last we see of him because I saw a driver who should be in F1 long term. I also would have liked to see what Rossi could have done in the Marussia but that’s done and dusted, and once more, I’d love to see what he could do.

  2. Loooool at Kamui’s tweet. So lonely xDD

  3. Some of these people that call themselves “media” are no more mature, responsible than an elementary school kid. No integrity at all.

  4. some more quality tweets there Keith!

  5. Craig Attwood
    26th August 2014, 16:12

    Remember Hamilton’s ‘lies scandal’ at the 2009 Australian G.P. I really don’t think we can put too much reliance on his ‘version’ of what Nico Rosberg said about deliberately crashing into him, during the 2014 Belgian G.P.
    He’s always finding something to cry about.
    Go Niko !

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