Early end for Chilton’s solo run on “emotional” day

2014 Russian Grand Prix

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The only Marussia in the Russian Grand Prix was the first retirement from the race when Max Chilton reported a problem with his car.

Although Chilton suspected a fault at the front-left of his Marussia when he retired in the pits on lap ten, the team suspect the cause lay on the opposite end of the car.

“We felt the only option was to stop the car so that we could inspect it,” said chief engineer Dave Greendwood. “Having done so, we found that there was actually an issue with the right rear so we decided to retire him.”

Chilton said it had been an emotional experience when he and his fellow drivers paid tribute to his team mate Jules Bianchi, who was seriously injured in the last race in Japan.

“After an incredibly tough week for everyone in the team, we all deserved so much more from today’s race,” he said.

“It hasn’t been an easy day, far from it, and all the guys have had to dig deep to get us to the grid. When we got there of course, it was very emotional with all the support for Jules. I think the team, the sport and all the fans have really done him proud.”

“What the team needs now is to head home for support from their families and colleagues back at the factory,” he added. “Somehow we need to find the strength to regroup and move forward, which is hard to contemplate right now.”

2014 Russian Grand Prix

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    7 comments on “Early end for Chilton’s solo run on “emotional” day”

    1. I was kind of hoping something like this would happen – Max retiring early (and safely) and the whole team could just get out of there.

    2. Poor Chilton looked terrible before that race. I hope they run two cars in the last few races and defend their place in the Constructors’ Championship: the best way of honouring Jules Bianchi.

      1. The next race is in three weeks’ time, so there’s a bit of a gap for everyone to recover and refocus. Hopefully we’ll hear some good news about Jules in the meantime.

    3. I can certainly understand the team to be on the safe side and rather stopping than risking anything. Respect for having a go at racing at all.

    4. The Russian team on the grid have perhaps had the worst weekend of anyone at the first Russian Grand Prix.

      First losing their best driver, so the one car which raced then failed, and the GP3 team has gone disastrously. It really couldn’t get much worse.

    5. I got the impression Chilton was too upset to race any more, and the possible issue was a convenient way to call it a day. Probably the way to go for the team anyway

    6. Matt (@hamiltonfan1705)
      13th October 2014, 17:43

      Feel really sorry for Marussia, really as a team you can’t have a much worse week can you, the team’s lead driver seriously injured and is still fighting for his life, the GP3 team has to withdraw due to financial issues, and to top it all up, their only driver has a suspension failure.

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