Raikkonen’s problems can be solved – Ferrari

2014 F1 season

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Ferrari say the gains Kimi Raikkonen has made with his car shows he can be right on the pace if they give him a chassis which is more to his liking.

Raikkonen has struggled with the F14 T this year and generally lagged behind team mate Fernando Alonso.

Ferrari engineering director Pat Fry said Raikkonen had made further progress with his car on Friday at Interlagos. “We’ve been trying various set-up options with Kimi and he seems happier,” he said.

“We’ve been obviously reviewing, it’s been a constant battle for us to try and work out, give him the front end that he wants in the car. We’re a little bit closer and that shows that if we can give him a car that gives him the right feedback he’s right there and right on the pace.”

Fry also dismissed recent rumours in the Italian media claiming Ferrari had suffered a setback with their 2015 design.

“We set ourselves some strong, challenging development targets on both the power unit side and both the chassis side,” he explained. “There’s obviously a huge gap we need to catch up. I think things are progressing reasonably well.”

“Have we reached our target? No, far from it, but I guess there’s four-and-a-half months to go, still, at least. But things are coming along an improving on both fronts, really, so I think there’s been good progress there.

“All the teams are working well together, only time will tell how much performance everyone else is going to put on. We’re doing the best we can, I think, with the resource we’re applying.”

2014 F1 season

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17 comments on “Raikkonen’s problems can be solved – Ferrari”

  1. I desperately want to see Kimi on podium this weekend and see those people shut their mouth who are saying Alonso is way better than him!

    1. You’re saying it as if this is still pre-season and we still haven’t seen Kimi and Fernando in the real action since becoming teammates. The truth, however, is much different. We are at the penultimate race of the season, and no matter Kimi’s problems, if he was really that good, he would have overcame them by now. But obviously, this season shows again that Alonso and Hamilton are really the two outstanding drivers. Kimi is good, no doubt, one of the better ones in the current field, but the thing is, at the top, you have Alonso and Hamilton who are a clear step above the rest of the drivers.

      1. I agree that Alonso is a bit better driver than Kimi. But I dont accept the claims that people make that kimi has only got attitude not speed.
        I am looking forward to see both of these guys’ performance next year, when Kimi will have a chassis more to his liking. And I am damn sure, that Ferrari will again be at the top of their game as they won’t have Alonso anymore.

        1. Claims? What about the actual results? A chassis to “his liking”? A real driver will extract the most from whatever car he is provided with. They are professional drivers, make tens of millions a year to drive a car. And they still can complain that the car doesn’t fit their style? A great driver such as Alonso and Lewis will make do with the best equipment they have.

          1. Careful there @svianna you might upset the Vettel fan base with comments like that :P

    2. The only way Raikkonen is stepping on that podium is if Alonso is at least one step higher (or 15 cars crash).

      1. let’s see how the race goes.

    3. Raikkonen is an amazing driver, but Alonso, at this point of the season, is 102 points better.

  2. In a Ferrari and at this time ,
    Fred is miles ahead of Kimi ,

    Also there is maybe only one or two drivers who in the same position as Kimi could be doing any better ( i guess)

  3. Really hope that Kimi’s good result didn’t happen just because the track was very hot.

  4. Maybe Sutil and Gutierrez could have delivered results if they had a chassis ‘to their liking’. I have respect for Kimi, in a well balanced car he’s as quick as anyone but in a whole season he hasn’t been able to adapt. Ferrari are now in a difficult position, Alonso has been carrying the team this year and it is uncertain as to whether he stays at Ferrari. Whilst Kimi has had a poor season, Ferrari need to take a slice of the blame, for the richest team on the grid they have consistently underdelivered, and this year was their only chance to catch up.

  5. “I think…I guess…I think…I think”
    Translation: “I hope”

    1. “Raikkonen’s problems can be solved – Ferrari”, but unfortunately not by Ferrari…

  6. Good to know Kimi still has his speed. Maybe once Alonso leaves, they will model the car after Kimi’s style. Hope Vettel doesn’t demand a car of his style and is able to perform in the same car.

    Can’t wait for 5 more years to see a Ferrari champion.

    1. @evered7 Kimi and Vettel have a very similar demand towards the car so I expect them to have a stronger package for both next year.

      1. @tmf42 that sounds great. Hope they can do some talent spotting and get a replacement for Kimi in the same lines when he decides to retire eventually. So sick of hearing this driving style argument this whole year.

  7. I only hope we get to see Vettels true class next year. That is, Kimi walking all over him.

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