Alonso reveals special helmet for final Ferrari race

2014 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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Fernando Alonso will commemorate his final race for Ferrari this weekend using a special helmet design.

Alonso, whose departure from the team was announced earlier today, tried to collect signatures from everyone in his Ferrari helmet for the design.

“I wear a helmet with a picture of a pit stop this year on one side, the Italian flag in the middle and the signatures of everybody in the team on the other side,” he explained.

“I just told them this morning that it’s the last time that I will jump in a Ferrari, so I want to bring all of them with me because they were a part of this fantastic experience and I want to do my last race with them on the track.

“To be honest, it’s a been a little bit of tricks because at Sochi, I took all the signatures from everybody but when I arrived here, we were missing 20 or 25 so now the helmet is not as perfect as it should be, because now we have all the 25 signatures everywhere but I’m happy and proud of them and happy to wear them on my helmet.”

2014 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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    17 comments on “Alonso reveals special helmet for final Ferrari race”

    1. Awesome helmet !

    2. Did Kimi sign it?

      1. Gladly, with rubbish-level driver replacing him in the hope to keep his milking cow a bit longer at the barn (Ferrari the gullibles) :)
        I am no longer a Ferrari fan and I was since 1994.
        I never disliked V the finger and would never root for him or his team, EVER.
        Only Michael is the True Champion.

        1. The bitterness is strong in this one.

          1. ya he mad, hey alonso tried he had 4 years to produce the results ferrari wanted but it’s not alonso’s fault unfortunately when your management is crap, your car design is crap, not having a usable wind tunnel is just stupid you end up with crap results and no titles

        2. maybe with one less “band-wagoner” Ferrari will go a little bit faster next year…

          1. Haha. :)

    3. Should look good under the lights

    4. Alonso should have used this helmet for the whole of his Ferrari career IMO.

      1. But then I saw the other side… oh dear.

      2. @ultimateuzair – He will use it for the whole of his Ferrari career from today ;)

    5. I guess Alonso will be as fired as as possible for this last tango – he will once again be at his razor-sharp, ruthless and measured best, only to come home 5th or 6th in that mediocre car. Ferrari may have been an awesome family for Fernando, but they certainly did not provide him with anywhere good enough eqipment.

      1. *fired up (Crucial mistake there, lol.)

    6. Now that is one hell of a design! Simply stunning.. I have to admit, this is a very nice gesture from Alonso towards the team.. Having the helmet in the italian national colors, really nice..

    7. It took 5 years for Alonso to get a helmet that matches the car.

      1. You know it is really easy to make fun about your comment, don’t you? for example, no by knows how many years will take you to find a brain for your head… or it took you five years to think that joke… etc.

    8. Hmm… Backup Celebrations for F1 exit not just Ferrari! LOL

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