Hamilton & Mercedes celebrate titles at Stars & Cars

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Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg joined a roster of past and present Mercedes racing drivers – and their cars – to celebrate the team’s and Hamilton’s championship success in Formula One this year.

Over 50,000 fans attended the event in Stuttgart which also featured appearances by former racers Stirling Moss, Jochen Mass, Hans Hermann, DTM racers Gary Paffett, Daniel Juncadella and Christian Vietoris, Macau Grand Prix winner Felix Rosenqvist, and newly-confirmed Williams test driver Susie Wolff.

“The reception from the fans here in Stuttgart was absolutely indescribable,” said Hamilton. “I celebrated my first world title with spectators here at Stars and Cars back in 2008, but this year, they have topped even my expectations.”

“Winning this title was the best moment of my life,” he added. “The team turned in an extraordinary performance, for which I would like to thank all my colleagues in the factories at Brackley, Brixworth and here in Stuttgart. Our progress since last year has been absolutely phenomenal.”

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10 comments on “Hamilton & Mercedes celebrate titles at Stars & Cars”

  1. I thought 722 was retired from these sorts of events a few years ago.

  2. Don’t these Germans have their own language? ‘Food’, ‘Drink’, ‘Stars and Cars’ – those appear to be more than loan words. Even the finance arm – ‘CharterWay’ – is a little bit English sounding if you ask me. This show is very much for the locals yet, as per the Eurovision song contest, the lingua-franca is English. Strange, these globalised times we live in yet mightily convenient for Lewis!

  3. Weird to see the wet tyres like this. Almost looks like grooved tyres again.

    1. I always thought that grooved tyres looked really cool, much cooler than the “plastic-like” slick tyres of today. Then again, I wasn’t a fan of the initial reason to why they were brought in for the first place (to lower cornering speed).

  4. Need to give Sauber some (most) credit for the C9 in the caption.

  5. Wow, that’s some lineup. I didn’t know Hans Hermann was still kicking!

  6. Looks great, wish I could have been there.

  7. I bet that Nico was celebrating like crazy.

  8. Full wet tyres on a bone dry road? Did these guys hire McLaren’s strategists or something?

    1. Probably some rule so it doesn’t count as testing, when you use some cars that’ll never race again in a parade…

      The Benz Patent-Motorwagen appears to be on slicks.

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