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2015 Australian Grand Prix fans’ video gallery

2015 Australian Grand Prix

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A candid interview with Sebastian Vettel, Kevin Magnussen’s engine blow-up and Kimi Raikkonen’s retirement are among some of the video highlights filmed by fans during the Australian Grand Prix weekend.

Vettel on Alonso, helmet designs and Australian team mates

Magnussen’s engine dies

Start in 4K video quality

Start in slow motion

Start: turn one

Turns 14 and 15

Raikkonen retires

Turn 16

Another fan at the race captured this video of Pastor Maldonado crashing out on the first lap.

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2015 Australian Grand Prix

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    7 comments on “2015 Australian Grand Prix fans’ video gallery”

    1. Compare with post 2014 videos, listen… and cry. I still can’t get used to it.

      1. I agree, although I have got used to the new engine sound, I still miss the old.
        I have yet to attend a GP in person with these new engines but I’m sure I will miss the old sound even more when I do.

        1. They sound a bit better in person this year, but still not like an F1 car should. Something is wrong when you can carry on a conversation over the top of a full(ish) F1 field going past. Call me odd, but I liked the old days when a full F1 field could split eardrums!

          1. @Pink Peril

            I agree, I know that some people are happy because they can now go and see a live GP with their small children and not even need ear protection. I appreciate that kids can go now, but to me that is absolutely not F1 at all.

            I have to say I am afraid I think the sound itself is awful, as well as being quiet………. I have been trying to work out what they remind me of ever since I heard them is person. It is not ‘vacuum cleaner’ or ‘strimmer’ I have decided, but more ‘kitchen waste disposal unit’………..

            I think it is a lack of revs, as much as anything. Current F1 cars are just not exciting any more.

            This year I watched the whole of the Melbourne weekend coverage on Channel Ten in Australia, when they were doing the passenger laps in the V10 2 seater, the sound made we want to cry almost……….

            How did this happen?

    2. pre 2014, not post :-)

    3. the one and only thing that is striking is the such a low sound made by the engine.

      That Thundering sound of the V8 and V10 are something to yearn for !!!!

    4. The engine sound on tv this year I think is better than last year. Its only on my IPad but the sound from the grandstands for the race start this year on the above clip is very underwhelming.

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