Massa laments “race to forget” at home

2015 Brazilian Grand Prix

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Felipe Massa described his home grand prix as a “race to forget” after coming home in eighth place.

The Williams driver said “it was definitely one of the Brazilian races to forget for me in terms of performance.”

“It was nothing compared with this amazing support from the people, my performance today,” he added. “So definitely not happy at all.”

“Now we need to concentrate to have a completely different car, a completely different performance in the last race to finish the season and concentrate one hundred percent next year.”

Both Williams drivers finished in the points which means the team cannot be caught for third place in the constructors’ championship.

“I think the only positive thing I can say that we are third in the championship,” said Massa. “That’s really positive and something that does need to turn to next year and concentrate to have a competitive car and be even better than this year.”

However Massa’s finishing position remains provisional as he is under investigation for having tyres which were above the maximum tread temperature prior to the start of the race.

Update: Massa disqualified from Brazilian Grand Prix

2015 Brazilian Grand Prix

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    9 comments on “Massa laments “race to forget” at home”

    1. Bottas was doing reasonably fine with it though. Although he also was a lap down in P5.

      1. @patrickl Williams had a very good season last year with Red Bull not in optimal shape, Ferrari struggling and no other teams exploiting the power of the Merc engine as good as they have. With the others almost caught up they’re slowly but surely falling back into the midfield.

        1. @xtwl This is sadly true.

          I’m very disappointed with the Williams team. I thought after such a strong 2014 season they would be right up there in 2015. I even thought they’d get the odd shot at a race win! I feel let down more than anything.

        2. @xtwl, The point is that Bottas was miles ahead of the guys behind him. It’s wasn’t the car that was holding Massa back. Apart from the disqualification which apparently did happen.

          Of course Williams don’t have the budget to keep developing the car during the year like Mercedes and Ferrari can, but the other midfield teams don’t have that luxury either.

          Williams have secured third place in the championship already. How are they falling back into the midfield?

          Only Red Bull and FI have improved somewhat since Spa, but Williams is still ahead of both of them. The gap in the championship between those three has stayed quite constant for the second half of the season. Not even RB is catching up to them let alone “the midfield”.

      2. He made the best start of all – great way to deal with a grid penalty! – but didn’t live up to his real qualifying pace.

    2. His pace on the medium was on par with VB’s, just didn’t have the extra pace to follow Kvyat closely.
      Main problem is why the the leading Williams is one lap down, 60s behind Ferrari, only 15s ahead of Force India!

    3. And now he has been disqualified.

      1. Yep, it really is a race to forget for him @tdog !

    4. Why are the drivers not allowed to go to the podiums carrying their helmets (like MotoGP)?

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