Brake-by-wire problems hamper Haas

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New F1 team Haas endured another disrupted day of testing on Thursday, this time due to problems with their brake-by-wire system.

Grosjean stopped three times. More pictures
Although driver Romain Grosjean managed to complete 77 laps he stopped on three separate occasions as the team tried to get on top of their problems with the system.

“It’s been a challenging day,” team principal Guenther Steiner admitted. “However, we managed to get some running in, so that was a positive.” Haas completed just one lap yesterday and 23 on Tuesday due to power unit problems.

“We had some issues with the brake-by-wire system while trying to develop it. We’re still working on it and, therefore, it caused Romain to have a few offs, but this is what testing is about.”

Grosjean said the team’s fortunes had taken a downward turn following a promising first week with the VF-16. “Not an easy day, not an easy week for us so far,” he said.

“The first week of testing went very well. The second has been a bit tricky. We’ve had some challenges with the brake-by-wire system on the car, which has made things a bit complicated.”

Ahead of the final day of testing tomorrow Grosjean said he believes the team “know where to look to get the car back to where it should be” and expects them to have a more productive day.

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2 comments on “Brake-by-wire problems hamper Haas”

  1. I wish they would have put all the regen(apart from turbo regen) in from the front wheels only and power to the road from the rears only. imho splitting up the power/regen would have made the systems easier to manage from the start and would have made the drivers feel like they were still driving a race car.

    The numbers of testing failures, meaning lack of laps done, and the number of ‘spin by wire’ racing failures seems to beg a new system.

    Remember the cheeky, Honda was it?, ‘front brakes bias driveshaft’ trick that was done in practice only? Anyway, weight distribution with a generator up front would be a plus as well.

    1. It would be way more complicated for teams that way. The front brakes are subject to far more energy than the rears, get hotter, and imagine running all that equipment to the front of the car! There is no room.

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