Tyre options for Spanish Grand Prix announced

2016 Spanish Grand Prix

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Pirelli has announced which tyres will be available for drivers to use in the Spanish Grand Prix.

The hard tyre features among the selection for the first time this year. Along with the medium, it is one of the two compounds which all drivers must have one set of for the race. The same two compounds were used last season.

The soft tyre will be the mandatory tyre for Q3.

2016 tyre nominations so far

Circuit2016 Q32016 Option2016 Prime2015 Option2015 Prime
BakuSuper-softSoftMediumNo raceNo race

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9 comments on “Tyre options for Spanish Grand Prix announced”

  1. I just don’t understand why teams are not just able to pick what they want. Well I understand why cause of the rules, but I just find it silly.

    You really want to mix up the fighting on the track then let the teams do what they want, keep the tire choices a secret until the weekend of and let them have at it on the track. We saw what happened when certain drivers had fresh tires on late and worked they way through the field (Hungary 2014 with Riccairdo comes to mind).

    So why not take it a step further and stop holding the teams hands and let them make their own decisions based on their own strengths.

    1. I think it’s more of a safety concern than anything else.

      1. No its a quality concern.

    2. Because Pirelli are unable to make quality reliable tyres & when they shred, tear, get cuts & have zero grip after 3 laps because a team made a wrong choice. They’ll get slammed in the media & say ” we were asked for aggresive tyres”


      1. You know they have to Build those tires and then send them where era they need them, around the world, and you can not compact tires so you can end with a freighter full of your tires… Which is crazy.

  2. Given a free choice of 3 tyres I bet all teams would choose these 3 for this race. Others would be crazy.

  3. Surely the Ultra Soft is the only option for Q3 in Monaco! Why the delay in naming that?

    1. @eoin16 The tyres for European rounds are revealed 8 weeks beforehand

      1. Yes but Baku already has its tyre allocation and that is the European GP and is after Monaco. I just don’t understand why there is a delay in the allocation of the Ultra Soft for that Q3 especially since Monaco is pretty much what that tyre was made for.

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