Red Bull now quick enough to overtake – Ricciardo

2016 Canadian Grand Prix

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Daniel Ricciardo says Red Bull’s power unit upgrade from Renault means they are now quick enough to be a threat on the straights.

Red Bull have been at a top speed disadvantage with their TAG Heuer-branded engines but their latest upgrade, which is available for both drivers for the first time this weekend, has addressed the team’s greatest weakness.

Ricciardo qualified fourth for tomorrow’s race and is looking forward to being competitive on the straights at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

“The start is important here, but you can pass,” he said. “I think we’ve got pretty good straight-line speed now so we’re in a position to overtake.”

The quickest Red Bull was 4.5kph off the highest top speed during qualifying in Montreal this weekend, down from 9.6kph last year.

Ricciardo, who took pole position for the previous race in Monaco, declared himself pleased with his qualifying effort despite hitting the Wall of Champions on his final run.

“I’m pretty happy,” said Ricciardo. “This weekend was steady – I think we built up to it and found a better rhythm in qualifying, and as always it’s the most important session, so I made sure I got it all together and in the end I’m pretty happy with fourth.”

“My pace is only a few tenths from pole which is pretty good around here. I was quite lucky on my last lap in the last chicane, I hit the wall pretty hard and luckily it got me to the line and I didn’t lose too much time.”

2016 Canadian Grand Prix

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    19 comments on “Red Bull now quick enough to overtake – Ricciardo”

    1. Daniel, you hit the wall. Hope you didn’t damage your car for the race.

      1. That’s what he said. Ricciardo has been fautless since he landed the RB seat, it should be no surprise that he’s qualified a quite a bit quicker than Verstappen but the thing is Max is really good and even he is getting .3 on such a short track.

        1. Max is the star for me. The boy is 18 and is in barely his second year in f1 and his 3rd race in a completely different car up against a wall fancied team mate, a team mate that beat Vettel hands down in the same machinery. Rich has been at the team for 3 years, Max 3 races yet Ric is having to dig deep to beat him and has clearly been rattled by Max.

          Max is definitely the future of RBR. He can afford to bide his time, like Mika did when paired with Senna, and step up as his experience and skills develop.

          Ric was lucky yesterday with that brush against the wall. He could easily have crashed out. That he was prepared to take the risk showed he was pushing to the max to beat his team mate. Whether he can keep this level of intensity up for the rest of the season will be telling.

          1. How many races will it take before people stop with the “he’s in a new car, still learning” rubbish? He’s already done hundreds of laps in the car. Likewise, it doesn’t matter if he’s 12 years old – he’s been given a seat in F1 and needs to perform like everyone else. There’s no asterisk next to his name on the results sheet because he’s 18.

            1. Agreed. That Red Bull is a very good car, I’m sure Vandoorne for example could jump in and put a remarquable performance. It’s easier to adapt to a good car than a bad.

            2. Max’s age and lack of experience is a given. There’s still a lot of room for growth.

              I mean, what’s up with this seemingly new mantra that even drivers who haven’t been in F1 for long are not allowed the time anymore to learn and grow?

              Time will tell, as usual.

            3. Little scared about what Verstappen will do with your beloved driver? 18 years young…allready won a race in his first outing…and still downplaying his achievements? Whats wrong with you people…pfff unbelievable

            4. In racepace he is second to none…..and thats not the same with Ricci. He is a 1 lap wonder like Senna was….Max is more Schumi like…I quess you lot just have to deal with it

          2. @ES – I think the point maybe is you’re jumping the gun just a little… to start bringing Senna and/or Schumacher comparisons in to it is a little premature. Sure, he took a brilliant victory, but he also embarrassed himself in Monaco.

            Let’s wait and see. A great talent, for sure.

            1. I can’t believe people are already starting the comparisons…

              DR may be in his 3rd year with Red Bull, but, last year they weren’t in a place to compete, although he had an opportunity of 2nd which fell apart due a damaged car (Hamilton trying to knock him off) and a later incident with Rosberg, costing him a pit stop for a new front wing… He’s been showing what he can do this season, but, let down at Monaco (without doubt costing him a win) and unfortunate strategy costing him the win at Spain…

              Max is a good racer and has the ability to push Riccardo better than Kvyat could. It will be interesting to see if Renault are able to get any more performance out of the PU in the coming races…

    2. Your teammate has been able to overtake with it the whole time

      1. Backmarkers? Not sure Ricciardo was referring to them.

      2. Has he overtook a Ferrari or a Mercedes? It’s easy to pass a Force India with a Red Bull…

        1. Actually it’s not, considering the high difference in top speed.
          And he overtook Vettel in Spain, the whole reason he won.

    3. “and as always it’s the most important session”

      Unless I missed something and they now get points for qualifying and not the race I’d say it’s not the most important session. I could be wrong though.

      1. I don’t think anybody anywhere call races “sessions “.

        So i can’t see your point.

    4. Good to see, I can hardly wait for the race.

      Daniel will go for an overtake if he is anywhere near. And Canada is a great track to do it on.

    5. Last season Max showed that you can overtake a faster car. It’s about how you get yourself in position and/or if you can outbrake them.
      With the tire battles going on you can always be faster then your opponent at some point in the race. Sometimes it’s just chosing the right tire strategy to be able to win or loose.

      Makes it all more unpredictable and fun lately.

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