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2016 F1 season

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The festive season is coming up quickly and there’s Black Friday bargains to be found today.

But what are the best gifts for F1 fans in 2016? F1 Fanatic reveals which are the top buys from this year’s reviews.

F1 2016 season review Blu-Ray/DVD

There’s no danger of any spoilers here as the 2016 title-decider hasn’t happened yet. But the review of Formula One’s longest-ever championship is certain to contain all the year’s dramatic moments so far, from the Mercedes pair clashing in Spain and opening the door for Max Verstappen’s shock maiden win, to the intense rain-hit race in Brazil which set up this weekend’s championship nail-biter.

Boasting five hours of footage and likely to include a heawlthy smattering of new stuff, this is likely to be an essential purchase for many. But it isn’t due out until closer to Christmas.

In a break from the norm F1 management has dipped into its archive to produce a new documentary. It’s not without flaws but it makes an interesting alternative to the official season review and has the added advantage of being available to buy right away.

F1 2016 by Codemasters

Widely hailed as Codemasters’ best Formula One game since they took on the franchise six years ago, F1 2016 boasts all 21 cars and 22 competitors from this year’s championship. As well as being available on the usual platforms a mobile version has recently appeared too:

Need a wheel to play it with? Fanatec are offering huge Black Friday discounts on their range:

Motorsport Manager

While F1 2016 lets you drive the cars, Motorsport Manager is where you can experience every other facet of Formula One. It’s not officially licensed but the F1 management world it creates is unmistakeably authentic – right down to being able to lobby the governing body for rule breaks to benefit your team.

Watching the Wheels by Damon Hill

The pick of this year’s new motor racing biographies is Damon Hill’s frank and funny account of his unusual route to the 1996 world championship. Watching the Wheels has a great line in wry humour but also lifts the lid on Hill’s struggle with depression in the years after he left F1.

Johnny Herbert, who also bowed out of F1 in 1999, has penned one of the most entertaining motor racing books of recent years. Here are two recommended reads for Ferrari and McLaren fans as well – and a suggestion for anyone who fancies a break from non-fiction.

Total Competition by Ross Brawn and Adam Parr

The book that’s got everyone talking in F1 this year is “Total Competition”. Ross Brawn, one of the most successful team bosses of all time, serves up frank revelations about the sport, how he conquered it, and what needs to be done to fix it in an engrossing read penned with ex-Williams man Adam Parr.

For those who enjoy the technical side of the sport, Haynes’ growing roster of F1 car manuals make great gifts:

See here for recommendations on over 100 different Formula One books:

Autocourse 2016-17

Not final artwork

For those looking for a motor racing annual the authoritative Autocourse is by far the best choice. While it focuses on F1 ample coverage is given to other major racing categories too.

The other top reference work to check out this year is David Hayhoe’s incredibly thorough “F1: The Knowledge”.


For festive fun of the four-wheeled variety it’s hard to top slot car racing. Although Scalextric’s F1 set has been on the market for a couple of years it features state-of-the-art gaming innovations.

Whether you prefer your toy F1 cars in slot car or building block form, here are a few more suggestions:

Team merchandise

With the teams’ new 2017 lines just around the corner, now is a great time to grab a bargain on merchandise. Look out for short-time deals on Black Friday too – Romain Grosjean’s website is offering 75% off today.

Race-used F1 car parts

Memento Exclusives, who supply the top prize for F1 Fanatic’s annual Predictions Championship, have an imaginative way of turning former F1 car parts into useful everyday items. Such as this ex-Mercedes gear ratio, machined to perform split-second shifts and now transformed into a desk clock.

Here are more ex-F1 car parts at a range of prices:

Race tickets

What better gift is there for an F1 fan than a trip to a race? Buying tickets this far ahead of the new season can get you some great deals.

Some circuits are revealling limited-time Black Friday offers today. For example Silverstone has a big savings on tickets for the Copse C grandstand.

NB. Tickets may not be available for all races yet.

Over to you

What’s top of your 2016 wish list? Have you spotted any more Black Friday F1 bargains? Have your say in the comments.

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2016 F1 season

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  1. Best gifts for me:
    – Pirelli makes proper tyres
    – FIA drops penalties system and let drivers race
    – Tilke’s tracks are changed into better ones
    – Proper track limits


  2. They should probably stick with “Artwork In Progress” for the title of the 2016 DVD, as it’s likely to be better than anything else they come with. Still can’t quite get over “It Was Fair” for 2014 and shudder to think what 2016 will bring – “Friends Forever”..?

    1. Haha, agreed. They’ve always been rubbish – I have the 91 one which is called ‘Nearly Mansell’.

      1. At least there is a pun in that one!

    2. Artwork in Progress also sums up Hamiltons distractions.

      I’m going to predict something cheesy such as ‘Like Father, Like Son’ when Rosberg wins it

  3. Nice suggestions. I think I will buy the book by Brawn and the one by Herbert, wich is not listed here.

    1. It did get a mention (and is definitely worth as read!)

  4. Hmm, can’t think which to pick.

  5. They did their best?

    I’d love to know who is individually responsible for coming up with these.

    How about Rosberg Rises, Return of the Rosberg, Reliability Rues, Mercedes Fight… I don’t know, literally anything would have been better.

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