Tyres choices confirmed for Spain, Monaco, Canada and Azerbaijan

2017 F1 season

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Formula One’s official tyre supplier has confirmed the compounds which will be available for drivers in rounds five to eight of this year’s championship.

The hardest available compounds will be used for the fifth race of 2017 at the Circuit de Catalunya, where the teams are concluding pre-season testing today. Of the first eight races, Spain is currently the only one where the hard tyre will make an appearance.

In Monaco and Canada teams will be offered the three softest compounds of tyres. For F1’s return to Azerbaijan the super-soft, soft and medium compounds will be used.

2017 tyre compounds

Circuit 2016 tyres 2017 tyres
Melbourne Medium Soft Super-soft Soft Super-soft Ultra-soft
Shanghai Medium Soft Super-soft Medium Soft Super-soft
Bahrain Medium Soft Super-soft Medium Soft Super-soft
Sochi Medium Soft Super-soft Soft Super-soft Ultra-soft
Catalunya Hard Medium Soft Hard Medium Soft
Monte-Carlo Soft Super-soft Ultra-soft Soft Super-soft Ultra-soft
Montreal Soft Super-soft Ultra-soft Soft Super-soft Ultra-soft
Baku Medium Soft Super-soft Medium Soft Super-soft

2017 F1 season

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8 comments on “Tyres choices confirmed for Spain, Monaco, Canada and Azerbaijan”

  1. Starting to make sense why Mercedes is testing so much with the ultra and super soft this year when they were content on medium last year.

    1. @philipgb Good point. Tyre deg probably wont be a concern for teams this year (I hope) as the tyres are more durable so Merc can concentrate more on optimal tyre performance and it’s best to be on the faster tyre often in that case.

  2. I don’t understand the logic behind Baku selection at all. Why are Pirelli afraid to bring the ultra-soft compound there? This year the tyres are more durable than last year, and yet they still opt for the same compound combination as last time out. Last year the choice of this combination was to some extent understandable as nobody had any previous experience or data from the circuit beforehand, but now they can’t hide behind that excuse anymore. Based on this I’m already afraid that they will bring the same combination to Mexico as well instead of opting for the ‘three-softest combination’ like they should have done last year already.

    1. It’s not just about cornering. Baku will be one of the fastest top speeds, and with the higher down force the tyres will be under enormous load. I suspect they are playing it cautious as a blow out on a high speed Street circuit would be lethal.

  3. If Barcelona will only see the soft compound, maybe this blistering fast lap time from Kimi today may well be the best we will see in 2017. Of course, cars will still be under heavy development, but maybe the tyre limitation factor might be just enough to prevent us from seeing even faster lap times. Shame. Why couldn’t they do Medium-Soft-Super Soft for this race as well? Degradation seems to be so low that I doubt anyone will be bothered to use the orange hard tyre at all.

    1. Last year quickest testing time was on us but pole was a lot faster at the race using soft. Will hard ever be used or is it now a dud tyre. I imagine soft and medium will be all teams want at the Spanish GP.

    2. ExcitedAbout17
      11th March 2017, 9:19

      Really interesting to see of Kimi can keep his lap record.
      They need to do a lot of development to match that time on Softs.

      PS does @lancesuk stand for LANCE Stroll UK?

  4. Looking at the testing, I think we just said farewell to the hards for 2017.

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