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Hamilton says climbing through the field won’t be as easy as in 2014

2017 Austrian Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton says it will be hard for him to repeat his recovery drive from the 2014 Austrian Grand Prix having qualified eighth for this year’s race.

The Mercedes driver started ninth at the track three years ago and rose through the field to finish second. But he believes the standard of competition is much higher now.

“I’m pretty sure that back then there was a bigger difference in speed deltas between us and other cars,” said Hamilton. “So I think it’s more unlikely than it was then, but I will give it everything I can and of course I would be happy if I could get up there.”

The fastest and slowest times in Q3 today were covered by 1.5 seconds. Three years ago it was two seconds, though two drivers did not set times.

Hamilton has been relegated from third on the grid to eighth due to a gearbox change. “I found out on Tuesday, I think it was,” he said. “Of course, you go in with a very positive mind about coming back and fighting and then of course something like that hits us.”

Hamilton was quickest in Q1 and then ran the harder set of tyres in Q2. But he was dissatisfied with his laps in the top ten shoot-out.

“It’s been a frustrating day for me,” he said. “I had a chance to be fastest today and I didn’t quite put it all together on that final lap in Q3. I’m disappointed with my performance in Q3.”

2017 Austrian Grand Prix

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  • 21 comments on “Hamilton says climbing through the field won’t be as easy as in 2014”

    1. Things might go haywire if the predicted rain shower would make an appearance during the race.

      1. Everything is possible, he was still my pick for the predictions game. The field looks more competitive, the speeds are higher the degradation is lower, everything is harder than 2014. I reckon it’s the RB’s that are going to be critical, they’ll race as hard as they can, it’s not every day they’ll fight with Lewis.

    2. I think it will be very important to get unscathed through the first corner, and take the maximum out those super softs. For all we know everyone will be pitting for him to take the lead when the shower comes.

      1. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
        8th July 2017, 17:00

        @xtwl is there rain forecast for tomorrow?

        1. There is a chance of thunderstorms for tomorrow afternoon but you never know with the weather!

    3. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
      8th July 2017, 17:01

      Hamilton will probably have a hard time to pass Mad Max and Danny Ric. Well, if Max doesn’t have another DNF.

      1. Hamilton will probably have a hard time to pass Mad Max and Danny Ric. Well, if Max doesn’t have another DNF.

        There is quite a good chance that Mad Max will have another DNF, taking Hamilton with him.

        1. One can hope

          1. Which driver or team do you support @sjzelli?

    4. I’m sure Bottas will eliminate one or two red cars during the race so Hamilton won’t have to worry about passing too many cars.

      1. Or Vettel can take another swipe at Verstappen and Raikkonen in one swoop like at Spa. That would help even more.

        1. Except that time Vettel didn’t and couldn’t see Verstappen diving into Raikkonen’s inside and gave plenty of space for one car.

          Bottas gives plenty of space too, until he sees a red car. Then he ‘accidentally’ bounces off curbs and brakes too late.

    5. I do not think so. With the help of DRS, Hamilton should get past Force Indias and Red Bulls in no time. If he stays out of trouble on the first lap, then a podium finish is very likely. And if it rains tomorrow, then the outcome of the race is anybody’s guess, Hamilton could even win it.

      1. Don’t forget verstappen! If it rains and hamilton and verstappen don’t have mechanical issues I wouldn’t be surprised to see verstappen win and hamilton 2nd, verstappen is good enough on the wet to offset the mercedes advantage, if the track then dries up ofc hamilton would get past him.

    6. I expect he’ll come second or third, apart from Q3 he’s looked very quick this weekend.

    7. Bottas will be very aware that he is only 28 points behind Hamilton and a victory in Austria would narrow that margin, perhaps significantly. He will not dance to Hamilton’s music this time.

      1. Agreed, Bottas needs to win if he wants to show he’s a contender.

    8. Brian (@flyinglapct)
      8th July 2017, 19:55

      For the conspiracy theorists – VET DNF tomorrow.

    9. KR and VET collide
      VB and DR collide
      Mad Max and LH nose to tail

      1. Methinks that a collision between Mad Max and Hamilton is the likeliest of all such possibilities.

      2. I wouldn’t be surprised with another clash of finns in turn one tomorrow.

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