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F3 to join F2 on F1 support bill next season

2019 F1 season

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A new Formula Three championship will support at least nine world championship events beginning in the 2019 F1 season.

The Formula One group has been chosen by the FIA to promote the series.

A new, single-specification chassis and engine will be introduced. The car design will incorporate the Halo and a single tyre supplier will be used.

A maximum of 30 entries will be permitted for the series, which is expected to replace GP3 on the F1 support roster. GP2 was rebranded as Formula Two last year.

FIA single-seater commission president Stefano Domenicali said the series “achieves an important goal of putting the top three FIA single-seater competitions on the same platform.”

“This has great advantages for fans and competitors alike, as graduates of FIA-certified national and regional competitions have a clear first step into international racing, while spectators and viewers watching Formula One will be able to see a broader spectrum of future stars on their way to the pinnacle of our sport.”

F1 managing director Ross Brawn said fans will be able to “enjoy the spectacle of drivers battling it out at the pinnacle of motor sport, which is the FIA Formula One World Championship, one of our objectives is to also provide them with the opportunity of discovering new talent and watching them progress along a clearly defined and high-level pathway.”

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7 comments on “F3 to join F2 on F1 support bill next season”

  1. Making GP3 even more irrelevant? F3-F2-F1 will be the natural way to go. GP3 will just become another Formula Renault

    1. F3 and GP3 are merging to form the new International F3 series, which is the one mentioned in the article

  2. Nothing really changes as the new F3 is the merger of the current GP3 and he current F3 European Championship.

  3. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
    9th March 2018, 18:42

    Does this have any effect on the Macau F3 World Cup?

  4. 30 cars on the grid is ambitious. And probably impractical at some tracks. Expect a red flag fest like that F3 season a few years back (2015 i think).

  5. Crikey, so much negativity! Surely this is a good thing? Race weekends packed with F1 stars and F1 hopefuls. No?

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