Weekend Racing Wrap: DTM, F3, IndyCar and more

Weekend Racing Wrap

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Catch up on the highlights of the last two weekends of racing action in Weekend Racing Wrap including IndyCar, Formula Three and an astonishing DTM crash.

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World Touring Car Cup

Three three-lap encounters around the mighty Nurburgring Nordschleife awaited the World Touring Car Cup drivers. The Audi cars were given a reduction in weight under the Balance of Performance rules before the weekend began.

European Formula Three

The new Formula Three season kicked off on the streets of Pau with 33 cars present including entries for Ferrari-backed Guan Yu Zhou and Robert Shwarzman. Renault’s Eurocup champion Sacha Fenestraz embarked on his first season of F3 but it was Red Bull-backed Dan Ticktum who started the season on pole position.

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The Indianapolis Grand Prix circuit put on its annual road race two weeks before the main event on the oval. Will Power, who had endured a tough start to 2018, took his first pole position of the year.


The one-and-a-half mile oval at Kansas played host to the NASCAR field.

Japanese Super Formula

Heavy rain forced the second race of 2018 at Autopolis to be cancelled.

World Rallycross Championship

The Mettet circuit in Belgium host the third round of the World Rallycross Championship.


The DTM moved on to the revamped Lausitzring ‘roval’ for its second pair of races, where once again Mercedes and BMW took a pole position apiece, this time courtesy of Lucas Auer and Philippe Eng.

Formula Renault Eurocup

Four different drivers won the first four races – would Silverstone serve up a fifth?

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World Touring Car Cup

The races come thick and fast for the WTCR drivers – the next round in Portugal is the halfway point for the championship. Zandvoort welcomes a 27-strong field for another trio of races just one week after their Nurburgring round.

British Touring Car Championship

The dauntingly fast Thruxton circuit awaited the British Touring Car Championship for their third triple-header of the season.

Super GT

Honda dominated qualifying in their back yard with a trio of NSX-GTs heading the field.

World Rally Championship

Sebastien Ogier arrived at the sixth World Rally Championship round leading the championship.

Over to you

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Next weekend’s racing

We have a huge weekend of motorsport with the Formula one Monaco Grand Prix and the IndyCar Indianapolis 500 on the same weekend. On top of that there will be Formula Two and Formula Renault Eurocup support race action from Monaco, NASCAR at Charlotte and more.

Last weekend’s racing wrap was delayed due to technical problems – we’ll be back to the usual routine of one per week from next Monday.

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  1. pastaman (@)
    22nd May 2018, 2:20

    If Monaco and the Indy 500 didn’t have all the prestige/history I honestly wouldn’t care too much about them. Both are usually yawnfests.

    1. I think you need to rethink that, particularly insofar as the Indy 500 is concerned. Almost every race in the 2010’s has been a cracker.

      1. pastaman (@)
        22nd May 2018, 18:07

        Sure, at some point during the 500 miles there is good racing, I will not deny that. I’ve watched them every year for the last 20 years or so. I cannot call myself a racing fan and NOT watch the 500 or Monaco :)

  2. Meanwhile in Blancpain GT Endurance, a certain British manufacturer is won after five years..

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