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Weekend Racing Wrap: Formula E New York, IndyCar Toronto and more

Weekend Racing Wrap

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Catch up on video highlights of last weekend’s racing action in Weekend Racing Wrap including Formula E’s championship-deciding races in New York, IndyCar’s last street race of the year in Toronto and more.

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Gary Paffett put himself in the best possible position by claiming pole position for both of the championship’s races at Zandvoort.

European Formula Three

Ferrari junior Guan Yu Zhou claimed his first pole position in race one while his Red Bull counterpart Dan Ticktum headed the field for the other two races.

Formula E

The Techeetah pair were excluded from qualifying which meant points leader Jean-Eric Vergne started the first of the double-header races at the back of the grid. Sebastien Buemi claimed pole for both races in New York.


Reigning champion Martin Truex Jnr scored all bar one of his wins on one-and-a-half-mile ovals last year so it was little surprise to see his Toyota head the field in qualifying.


Championship leader Scott Dixon was unhappy with himself after an error in a rain-hit qualifying session at Toronto opened the door for Josef Newgarden to take pole position.

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Next weekend’s racing

The following series are in action next weekend:

  • Formula 1: Hockenheimring
  • IMSA: Lime Rock
  • Formula Renault Eurocup: Red Bull Ring
  • NASCAR Cup: Loudon

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4 comments on “Weekend Racing Wrap: Formula E New York, IndyCar Toronto and more”

  1. I really enjoy these weekend round-ups, so thanks a lot for the effort, Keith.
    But I’ve just noticed something on the second DTM report clip that has me confused. At about 1.02 we see Mr Paffett coming out of the pits and going across the hatched white line on the circuit. Isn’t that a blend line, and shouldn’t he have continued down the track to where the hatched line finishes?
    Or don’t blend lines etc apply in DTM?

    1. What I remember from previous races at Zandvoort, I’m pretty sure the blend line ends a few metres after the pit exit, and the hatched line is there just to mark the inside of the track.

      1. Thank you @kaiie

  2. BlackJackFan
    17th July 2018, 10:58

    Many thanks also for the F3 coverage, which I probably would have otherwise missed… and great to see Zandvoort again… I hope we can F1 here.
    But a shame about the inane commentary which seemed unable to keep repeating the “roller-coaster nature of the track” – I counted ten times in Race-1 alone…

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