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Weekend Racing Wrap: IndyCar title-decider, Super GT Sugo and more

Weekend Racing Wrap

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Catch up on video highlights of last weekend’s racing action in Weekend Racing Wrap including the IndyCar championship-decider at Sonoma, Jenson Button in action in Japanese Super GT, a punishing World Rally of Turkery, a chaotic start to NASCAR’s play-offs and more.

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Formula Renault Eurocup

Logan Sargeant beat the top three championship contenders to pole position for race one.

Super GT

Jenson Button and Naoki Yamamoto took pole position for Honda at Sugo with championship leaders Ryo Hirakawa and Nick Cassidy only ninth.

World Rallycross Championship

Runaway championship leader Johan Kristoffersson arrived in Latvia looking to increase his stranglehold on the championship.

World Rally Championship

Thierry Neuville arrived in Turkey with a 23-point lead over Sebastien Ogier.


Scott Dixon, Alexander Rossi, Will Power and Josef Newgarden arrived at the final race of the year with a shot at the championship.

British Touring Car Championship

BMW’s Colin Turkington arrived at the penultiamte triple-header weekend of the year with a 43-point lead over Speedworks’ Tom Ingram.


The first phase of the Chase began as the championship returned to Las Vegas.

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Next weekend’s racing

  • Euroformula Open: Monza
  • DTM: Red Bull Ring
  • European Formula Three: Red Bull Ring
  • NASCAR Cup: Richmond

Weekend Racing Wrap

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8 comments on “Weekend Racing Wrap: IndyCar title-decider, Super GT Sugo and more”

  1. FlyingLobster27
    20th September 2018, 15:26

    There was a smashing weekend to close the SRO GT Series Sprint Cup at the Nürburgring (which the Eurocup F.Renault was supporting). Race 1 had a very unusual epilogue, with the winners excluded from the entire meeting because the finishing driver unbuckled his belt, took a glove off, extracted and tried to destroy the SD card from a security camera in his car. Race 2 was exceptional, with two Audis from different teams fighting for their respective positions in the championship. In a world where the DTM and the WEC exist, to see brand orders not come into play when they would be the most understood was refreshing to see, and yielded a dramatic climax.

    Super GT at Sugo was interesting, as it usually is. Surprised that the race wasn’t red-flagged with 2 laps to go. It’s disappointing to see a race end that way, and Sugo saw a shortened race a couple of years ago I believe, but I mean, when you have two separate incidents and course cars on track going from one to the other, you’ve got to stop the racing.

    1. The number of course cars on track at Sugo was insane. I counted three and no yellow / white flags warning folk.
      I get that there were only 2 more laps left and they don’t want to end the race, but if you lost the race from a mistake overtaking a course car, surely that would be worse.
      Wonder what Jenson thought of it as he was desperately trying to hold on to the lead? Its not quite F1!

  2. We also had Italian F4, very nice races, you can watch all the races in their Facebook page or website.

  3. How is that shortcut allowed in the indycar race? Isn’t it a bit weird to do that?

    1. Stewards would take into account that Rossi lost an awful lot of time driving slowly, and stayed out of traffic and decide that he was having enough problems without a penalty added onto it.

      It’s the equivalent of F1 stewards ruling “No further action warranted”, which usually translates to “he screwed himself hard enough, he doesn’t need our help”. As a rule, IndyCar has pretty reasonable stewards.

        1. Ah! That makes more sensitive, thanks @keithcollantine

          1. Sense! Damn you autocorrect

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