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Mercedes and Ferrari “too fast” for Red Bull in qualifying

2018 British Grand Prix

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Daniel Ricciardo predicts Red Bull won’t be able to beat Mercedes and Ferrari in qualifying but hopes they’ll be closer in the race.

Ricciardo ended second practice 0.856 seconds slower than Sebastian Vettel’s Ferrari as track conditions reached 51C in the afternoon session.

“It’s hot for Silverstone,” said Riccairdo. “We just need to manage everything, the temperatures. I think that’ll be key to having a better race car on Sunday.

“For qualifying we’ll try to do what we can. I think Ferrari and Mercedes are too fast on one lap but for the race we’ll try to find a few little secrets.”

Ricciardo was the only Red Bull driver to set a lap time in the second practice session after team mate Max Verstappen crashed on his first flying lap.

“In FP2 I think I was too quick on the hard tyre,” said Verstappen of his crash at Luffield, which damaged the rear of his RB14. “I just lost it.”

Verstappen also had a setback at the end of the first practice session. “I had a problem with the gearbox but we don’t know exactly what it is yet,” he said.

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