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F1 reveals draft 21-race calendar for 2019 including German GP

2019 F1 season

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Formula One Management has revealed a draft 2019 F1 calendar which features 21 races including a German Grand Prix.

The calendar also includes a race in Japan, as the Suzuka circuit has extended its contract to hold the race. China will hold the 1,000th round of the world championship race in April.

“It gives me great pleasure to announce that the draft of the 2019 FIA Formula 1 world championship calendar is made up of 21 races, as it was this year,” said CEO Chase Carey.

“In addition, we are honoured the promoters of the long-standing Japanese Grand Prix have agreed to a new long-term deal that will ensure our loyal and knowledgeable Japanese fans will be able to enjoy Formula 1 for more years to come.

“I am also delighted to confirm that with the very valuable help of Mercedes-Benz, the German automobile clubs ADAC and AvD and the German Minister for Transportation and Digital Infrastructure, we have reached an agreement with the Municipality of Hockenehim and the promoter Hockenheim-Ring GmbH which will allow to once more race at this iconic circuit also in 2019.

“This demonstrates how all stakeholders within Formula 1 are working together to ensure the long-term future of the sport and its fans.”

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DateGrand PrixVenue
17th MarchAustraliaMelbourne
31st MarchBahrainSakhir
14th AprilChinaShanghai
28th AprilAzerbaijanBaku
12th MaySpainBarcelona
26th MayMonacoMonaco
9th JuneCanadaMontreal
23rd JuneFrancePaul Ricard
30th JuneAustriaSpielberg
14th JulyGreat BritainSilverstone
28th JulyGermanyHockenheim
4th AugustHungaryBudapest
1st SeptemberBelgiumSpa
8th SeptemberItalyMonza
22nd SeptemberSingaporeSingapore
29th SeptemberRussiaSochi
13th OctoberJapanSuzuka
27th OctoberMexicoAutodromo Hermanos Rodriguez
3rd NovemberUSAAustin
17th NovemberBrazilInterlagos
1st DecemberAbu DhabiYas Marina

This article will be updated.

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42 comments on “F1 reveals draft 21-race calendar for 2019 including German GP”

  1. Great to see Hockenheim on this list. Germany deserves to have a GP every year. If only Nürburgring could be brought back as European GP or something.

    1. @huhhii or how about alternating the German GP and having the European GP at Imola :)

      1. @eoin16 I’d rather see Italian GP alternating between Monza and Imola, but I’m probably in a minority with that opinion.

        1. Lol I think you might be. Just feel like Monza IS the Italian GP whereas the German has moved more. But honestly either situation would be great with me

  2. @huhhii If I made a F1 calendar I’d keep the German GP but move it to the Nurburgring; Hockenheim would be retained but called the Baden-Wurttemburg Grand Prix. Imola would be brought back as San Marino GP.

    1. Ahhhhhh the San Marino GP i’ve gone all nostalgic! Its nice to see that the calendar from Spain thru to Italy has a more traditional feel to it.

  3. It seems that we’ll see little in terms of double headers next year. Amd thankfully no more triple headers!

  4. Almost how I predicted it could look like: Here’s my provisional schedule I made up earlier this year and have altered it a few times based on reporting concerning Hockenheim, Miami, etc.
    1. Australia March 17
    2. Bahrain March 31
    3. China April 14
    4. Russia (or Azerbaijan) April 28
    5. Spain May 12
    6. Monaco May 26
    7. Canada June 9
    8. France June 23
    9. Austria June 30
    10. Britain July 14
    11. Germany? July 28
    12. Hungary August 4
    13. Belgium September 1
    14. Italy September 8
    15. Azerbaijan (or Russia) September 22
    16. Japan October 6
    17. Singapore October 13
    18. USA October 27
    19. Mexico November 3
    20. Brazil November 17
    Abu Dhabi December 1

    – Now concerning this draft version: Could someone explain the logic behind the scheduling of the Singapore, Russian, and the Japanese GPs? Now for the second year running, they’re trying to avoid pairing Singapore and Japan, why is that? Firstly, they aren’t even close to each other geographically as the distance between them is 5,044.52 km by air, but then the Singapore-Sochi distance is an even greater 7,857.38 km by air. Why are they making the logistical challenge for the teams unnecessarily great? The scheduling of the US and the Mexican GPs is based on the travelling logistics (precisely the way it should first and foremost be), so why isn’t the scheduling of the three venues mentioned above as well especially since Singapore and Japan have been paired twice before (2009 and 2015), so if it was OK then, then why not anymore. What’s different now Vs., then? Furthermore, any particular reason behind the switch of the order of USA and Mexico? So far they’ve always taken place with the US GP first and then the Mexican GP seven days later, so why the other way round now?

    1. I personally would switch around Japan and Singapore so that Japan’s weather would be slightly cooler and there would be a less chance of rain. Also the reason why Singapore and Japan are next to each other is because those two countries’ time zones are next to each other.

      1. @mfreire Wrong on both, not only is Suzuka warmer in September than in October but to my knowledge, the risk of rain that month is more significant as well than in October, and also they aren’t next to each other on the schedule as of now.

        1. @jerejj You clearly didn’t read my comment properly, so this is what I meant:
          Singapore (October 6)
          Japan (October 13)

    2. I don’t know about Singapore and Russia but as for Japan, they always try to put the race weekend on a 3-day weekend in early October where the Monday is a Sports Day national holiday. That way, it is, ideally, more convenient for the fans. I think similar “local schedules” are considered for the other venues as well.

      1. @Mike OK, I wasn’t aware of a national holiday like that before but still, not really a valid argument to cause an unnecessarily great logistical challenge for the travelling teams at that part of the season.

  5. I’m pleased to see the mid season is not as crowded as it was this year and they have moved Belgium and Italy a week later. I too don’t understand the logic around the Singapore, Russia, Japan sequence.

    Only 4 back to back weekends though. FIA/Liberty seem to be listening.

    1. @phil-f1-21 The reason Belgium and Italy have been pushed back a week is the scheduling of the Abu Dhabi GP, which as a chain-reaction has caused more or less all the races from the British GP to be pushed back a week from this season’s slot. BTW, the number of back-to-back weekends on this provisional calendar is actually 5 to be precise, not 4.

      1. Indeed you are correct, 5 not 4.

  6. 1st of december is really late…isn’t that too much?

    1. @alfa145 Not really. It definitely isn’t ‘really late’ far from it, as it’s only a mere ‘two’ days further into the year than in 2015 when the 29th of November was the race day for the Abu Dhabi GP. Don’t over-exaggerate.

  7. season should start in early march & end in early november with no more than 19 races.

    20/21 races+ with the season ending so late in early december is too much, especially with the later race start times totally filling saturday/sundays now.

    its getting to a point where i feel all i am doing is watching f1 (as well as the other categories i like to follow) with a lot less time to spend with family/friends as i used to be able to, especially with so many more double headers (and the stupid triple header this year). i love f1 and motor sport in general but its getting too much, i already stopped watching some categories this year to try & make some room to do other things, getting to the point where i can see myself cutting back on f1 and no longer following every race.

    too much of anything isn’t always a positive thing & i feel f1 is getting to this point unfortunately.

    1. Yeah I agree.

      I remember when there was a few less races each one used to feel special, You would wait 2-3 weeks for it & be excited when the next one came around. Now there are so many so much more frequently that they all just feel routine now, They have lost that special event kind of feel they used to have.

      And with the off-season been shorter it’s the same thing. The season used to finish, You would have 3-4-5 months off & by the time the first race of the next season came around you would be truly excited to start all over again & were starting to lose that with the shorter off-season.

      1. So miss a few out… I would love your problem… lol.
        Where I currently live I’m limited to whatever crumbs I can find on YouTube…

        (Ssh… which is why I’ve become addicted to “racefans”)

        1. Miss a race & you risk missing a key moment of the championship or something.

          I’m with Peter/Roger on this, Too many races & the season is starting to get too long.

          I guess for those with tons of time it’s perhaps not an issue but when you have a life outside of watching the sport with other things to be doing over a weekend the longer season & especially the new race starting times are a total pain.

          As PeterG says. Watching a race has become a routine thing rather than something that happens once every 2-3 weeks 16 times a year that feels really special that you look forward to.

          It’s no wonder ratings are on teh decline, people are tired of too many races & long season so wish to have a break. will get worse going forward i think.

          1. I would still like to have your problem… ;)

  8. Michael Brown (@)
    31st August 2018, 19:34

    I might be in the minority here, but Japan should have two races: Suzuka and Fuji.

  9. Michael Brown (@)
    31st August 2018, 19:35

    Which layout is being used at Paul Ricard? It had better be 1A.

  10. Josh (@canadianjosh)
    31st August 2018, 21:08

    Austin,Texas GP and NASCAR Texas playoffs race on same weekend? Are you kidding me!? Obviously the CEO’s don’t talk but maybe they ought to.

    1. @canadianjosh I couldn’t care less about something like that. Zero impact on me, LOL.

      1. Who the hell cares about you? They should have switched Austin and Mexico around…

  11. Here’s my version of the 2019 calendar (it’s very similar to this year’s – but the triple header is in a more logistical order, and the dates from the Italian GP on have been pushed back/swapped around, and I prefer Brazil closing out the season):

    Australia – 24 March
    Bahrain – 7 April
    China – 14 April
    Azerbaijan – 28 April
    Spain – 12 May
    Monaco – 26 May
    Canada – 9 June
    Austria – 23 June
    France – 30 June
    Britain – 7 July
    Germany – 21 July
    Hungary – 28 July
    Belgium – 25 August
    Italy – 8 September
    Singapore – 22 September
    Japan – 29 September
    Russia – 13 October
    Abu Dhabi – 20 October
    USA – 3 November
    Mexico – 10 November
    Brazil – 24 November

    1. I wish they could switch Abu Dhabi and Bahrain around. The weather is cooler at night in Bahrain at a later start than in Abu Dhabi’s usual start time.

      1. @mfreire I don’t agree with switching Abu Dhabi & Bahrain around – the former should be towards the end of the season and then the latter towards the beginning like it’s always been

        1. Bahrain, the least acceptable Grand Prix on the calendar should never be the last Grand Prix. It would be okay if it was in October right after Japan, with Singapore a week after Australia.

      2. @mfreire ”The weather is cooler at night in Bahrain at a later start than in Abu Dhabi’s usual start time.”
        – Untrue although I’m not entirely sure what you’re trying to point out but assuming it’s what I think it is then definitely false. The temperatures in the evening in Bahrain in April are approximately the same as they’re in Abu Dhabi in November. Furthermore, how exactly is Bahrain the ”least acceptable” GP on the calendar? I don’t get your point concerning that claim.

        1. Bahrain is the least acceptable GP on the calendar because it is a show put on for a few elite people in a severely oppressed nation. it is a GP that I would drop in a heartbeat- not even the track is any good (in SA and Argentina back in the day at least the circuits were good; I’m old-school in my taste in circuits). At least in Russia and China (GP’s I don’t like either) those GP’s were out on to advertise the country to outsiders.

          The Bahrain GP starts later in the evening than Abu Dhabi does and since the climate is similar in both places at those times of year it would make sense to have the Bahrain GP in October. I just want Brazil to be the last GP of the year- Abu Dhabi on such a lame track has no business hosting the last GP of the year. F1 needs to tear up that contract they have with AB.

  12. I like the idea of moving Abu Dhabi a little earlier (@boroboy18) and ending the season in Brazil like it used to. It would also provide a boost to the GP there.

    The only changes I would make to your calendar would be to start a week earlier as per the provisional calendar, and then I would move the races from Britain onwards to be a week later therefore removing the need for a triple header. Then Belgium could go back to being at the very start of September and carry on as per your plan from there.

    1. @phil-f1-21 My take on yours would be similar. However it would go like this for summer European races:
      Austria, 23 June
      Britain, 7 July
      France, 14 July
      Hungary, 28 July
      Germany, 4 August

      and then follow the rest as per your plan. I personally like having Hungary held on the weekend before the last Monday in July (aka the weekend of the 4th Friday in July)

      1. Quite honestly having the French Grand Prix in July in the south of France is not a great idea considering the intense summer heat over there. Its current date is already in the hot season.

        1. @mfreire ”Its current date is already in the hot season.”
          – Not really. The temperatures this year during the race weekend in late-June weren’t a problem far from it.

          1. But it has been in the past. For all except 1 year (‘83) the French GP at Ricard was always held in late June or July and it was often hot there. Imagine if the race had been held last year- it’s hard to forget the Euro heat wave in June.

  13. Here’s what it should be (Miami included)

    1. USA (Miami) (March 3)
    2. Australia (March 17)
    3. Singapore (March 24)
    4. Abu Dhabi (April 7)
    5. China (April 14)
    6. Azerbaijan (April 28)
    7. Spain (May 12)
    8. Monaco (May 26)
    9. Canada (June 9)
    10. France (June 23)
    11. Austria (June 30)
    12. Britain (July 14)
    13. Germany (July 28)
    14. Hungary (August 4)
    15. Belgium (September 1)
    16. Italy (September 8)
    17. Russia (September 22)
    18. Japan (October 6)
    19. Bahrain (October 13)
    20. USA (Austin) (October 27)
    21. Mexico (November 3)
    22. Brazil (November 17)

    1. @mfreire My 2019 calendar w/Miami:

      Australia – 24 March
      Bahrain – 7 April
      China – 14 April
      Azerbaijan – 28 April
      Spain – 12 May
      Monaco – 26 May
      Canada – 9 June
      Austria – 23 June
      France – 30 June
      Britain – 7 July
      Germany – 21 July
      Hungary – 28 July
      Belgium – 25 August
      Italy – 1 September
      Russia – 15 September
      Singapore – 29 September
      Japan – 6 October
      USA – 20 October
      Miami – 27 October
      Mexico – 10 November
      Brazil – 17 November
      Abu Dhabi – 1 December

      1. Miami would be a good place to start the season- the weather there is better there in March than it is in October and November and it is less likely to rain- the weather is cold in most parts of the northern hemisphere and it would be a good destination spot, even if having Miami in October is better for logistics. And triple-headers are just ridiculous and should not be allowed. Also NASCAR at Homestead is in November and the Miami Dolphins NFL season is happening then.

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