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Alonso: We thought Q2 was impossible

2018 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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Fernando Alonso says McLaren didn’t think it would be possible to reach Q2 in qualifying for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

In his final qualifying session Alonso took his McLaren into the second round and went on to take 15th on the grid. “I enjoyed the lap,” he said, “especially the Q1 lap.”

“We were pretty convinced that it was impossible to go through Q1 into Q2 but we managed just [by] a couple of milliseconds and I was happy for that.

“Then in Q2 probably we are in the position we deserved. The aim for tomorrow is to be close to the points if possible. We start 15th so five positions away. If we see some action in front of us maybe we take an opportunity.”

Alonso said he is prepared to take a conservative approach at what can often be a frantic start at Yas Marina.

“It’s a tough couple of first corners here. The first lap in general, turn 11 there is a lot of action. Sometimes you need to be a little bit conservative because things are happening in front of you, you don’t need to do much, you don’t need to attack.

“Let’s see if we have a good start and good first lap. The points will be a dream.”

He said he will try to treat the final race of his F1 career like any other.

“When you put the helmet car you jump in the car, do up the seat belts, it’s another race. Tomorrow I think it’s going to be the same.

“You see the traffic light, you go for the green, you try [be] safe the first couple of corners, if possible try to overtake someone. And then execute the race in the best way possible.”

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  • 5 comments on “Alonso: We thought Q2 was impossible”

    1. That was a fitting way to end your last qualy. That was a special lap.

      Hes kept the record clean as well 21-0 against Stoff, but then again, Zak does make Stoff carry a bit of ballast on top of running last seasons Aero bits…

      1. MaasaiWarrior
        25th November 2018, 5:07

        In his initial stint at McLaren, we now know that Alonso asked the team to underfuel Hamilton’s car so that Lewis wouldn’t finish his race. Ron Dennis was aghast and refused to comply, leading to the bust-up that then followed.
        It’s not beyond imagination that Alonso would demand, in his current stint, that McLaren go out of their way to ensure Vandoorne cannot race him or beat him in any way.
        Alonso has done it before – I wouldn’t be surprised if he did it again.

    2. Was nice to see, but the overwhelming feeling was sadness that such a good lap from a great driver earned him nothing more than 15th on the grid…

    3. ”Traffic light” LOL.

    4. This could be good for McLaren, as they will be able to see how their drivers for 2019 stack up. They could both be awful, and we wouldn’t know, given there is no reference point. Equally, they could also be driving unbelievably well.

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