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Pictures: Yas Marina post-season test day two

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The final day of post-season testing has begun at the Yas Marina circuit. Here are pictures from today’s running.

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4 comments on “Pictures: Yas Marina post-season test day two”

  1. Why wasn’t Kvyat using his own helmet? Raikkonen using entire white racing suit instead of a Sauber-liveried one is understandable given the short notice, but the helmet-thing is a bit different since it’s assigned to the driver rather than the team.

  2. Stephen Higgins
    28th November 2018, 17:36

    So is Markelov a closet Valentino Rossi fan ??

  3. Keith Crossley
    29th November 2018, 4:07

    Gasly pictured in a Red Bull. With Honda logo.

    What engine (sorry, PU) was in there?

  4. So what IS Artem Markelov doing next year? Is he just a test and reserve driver for Renault? I know he’s not driving in F2 next year but..?

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