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Vettel avoids penalty for driving slowly on in-lap

2019 Bahrain Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel has been cleared of driving unnecessarily slowly on his in-lap.

The Ferrari driver was investigated for exceeding the maximum time of one minute 55 seconds between the two Safety Car lines on an in-lap. However the stewards decided to take no action after determining Vettel had slowed due to tyre vibrations.

“The driver stated he was on a push lap and, when coming into turn one, he heavily flat spotted both front tyres. He aborted the lap however the car was experiencing severe vibrations (as evidenced by the telemetry tabled in evidence).

“As a result, the driver could not maintain the speed required to meet the requirement to stay below the maximum time specified in Document 16 of 1.55.0s between the Safety Car lines.”

Vettel’s exoneration means he will start the Bahrain Grand Prix from second place on the grid.

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4 comments on “Vettel avoids penalty for driving slowly on in-lap”

  1. I’m glad I refresh the web before post my comment in the previous article.

  2. I bet he’d have maintained that pace if it was in a race.

    1. If it was the race he wouldn’t have to worry about using his car for a race the next day. :)

  3. Ferrari International Assistance ride to the rescue – yet again.

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