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Russell hopes Zandvoort keeps gravel run-off for F1

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Zandvoort should retain its gravel run-offs if it joins the 2020 Formula 1 calendar, says George Russell.

The circuit has been mooted as a potential venue for a revived Dutch Grand Prix next season. But the Williams driver, who raced at the circuit in Formula Three in 2016, hopes this does not mean its run-off areas will be covered in asphalt.

“Zandvoort is probably in my top five favourite circuits. I think it’s a really incredible circuit, it’s got so much character.

“Obviously safety is incredibly important these days in Formula 1 but I just truly hope we don’t get rid of the gravel runoffs in Zandvoort in the two high-speed corners because that’s what makes the circuit so daunting and so incredible to drive.”

Pierre Gasly also said he would be excited to see F1 cars race on the Dutch circuit.

“Zandvoort is pretty exciting, if it happens,” said the Red Bull driver. “It’s a really narrow track. I’ve been there only once but it’s really challenging on the driving side. So, I think to put some F1 cars there will be pretty cool and exciting.”

Zandvoort previously held the Dutch Grand Prix between 1952 and 1985. The track has been partially remodelled since F1’s last race there.

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7 comments on “Russell hopes Zandvoort keeps gravel run-off for F1”

  1. sorry to be a debbie downer, but expect this place to be completely paved over in bright orange paint on every corner. Expect the outside on the exits of corners to be paved over (instead of the grass now) to facilitate “running wide”. Then they’ll add one or two stupid chicanes along the sweepy Slotemakerbocht, and probably blandify at least one of the corners. Get mentally ready to lose turn 3 (aka Hugenholtzbocht).

    1. I think Slotemakerbocht might be fine as it is because there is some room there. Although there is already a chicane there f1 might use. What I’m worried is that they do the same for the last 2 corners as they did to barcelona and add a chicane between the last two corners. There is not much room in the exit of the last corner as the wall is right next to the track. Plus the profile of those corners are pretty similar as what the spanish track had. Hopefully they will just widen the space on the exit instead of building a chicane (and don’t put tarmac runoff there.)

      1. Von Smallhausen (@engelbertvonsmallhausen)
        14th May 2019, 12:25

        What they told in the press conference is that the last corner Luyendijk bocht (Bos uit), will be banked so they can use DRS in the corner. So a chicane won’t make sense.

        Doubt they will pave the run-off areas. Gravel traps can be smaller, and there is no room for more run-off.

  2. Instead they’ll probably turn it into a glorified car park, and wreck some corners too in the name of artificially ‘improving the show’.

  3. For what I heard about it they will widen the start finish straight,, move the Hugenholz corner to make room and change the Arie Luyendijkbocht. Plus they will build more stands for the spectators

    Hopefully they will not take away the character of the track

  4. Yesterday, I saw the demo run that RBR/Max did at this track. I like the track, there’s a lot of banking, and a lot of turns, that seems interesting. Overtaking might not be the greatest, but it otherwise looks interesting. Let’s hope it remains as punishing as it appeared in the video, I don’t look forward to a sea of runoffs like CotA.

  5. I may be being naive here but how hard would it really be to tarmac a run off area or just a strip in line with the breaking zones in case of a failure and then dump and spread loads of gravel back over that for moto gp and track days as each need?

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