Haas Rich Energy logo, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, 2019

Haas removes Rich Energy’s stag logo as sponsor challenges “baseless” court case

2019 Canadian Grand Prix

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Haas has removed the stag logo used by title sponsor Rich Energy from its car at the Canadian Grand Prix.

“We have asked our partners Haas F1 Team to remove [the] stag element from car this weekend,” Rich Energy confirmed on Twitter.

Last month Rich Energy lost a court case in London over the logo. The judge ruled the energy drink manufacturer had infringed the copyright of ATB Sales, which had registered a similar logo for its brand Whyte Bikes several years earlier.

“Whilst we own the stag trademarks and registrations worldwide [including] Canada we don’t want any media circus for [the] team whilst we contest [the] baseless case with Whyte Bikes and win,” Rich Energy added.

The team ran an unchanged livery in Monaco, where team principal Guenther Steiner said any decision about a change to the logo would be taken by their sponsor.

“The logo situation for us if we are told that we need to change something, they will tell us. For sure we check that everything is OK but we are doing everything to what they tell us.”

Rich Energy became Haas’s title sponsor at the beginning of the season. The team has also branched out into other areas of motorsport including IndyCar, where it sponsored Jordan King at the Indianapolis 500.

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Kevin Magnussen, Haas, Monaco, 2019
The stag logo previously appeared on the nose, Halo and other parts of Haas’s car

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  • 15 comments on “Haas removes Rich Energy’s stag logo as sponsor challenges “baseless” court case”

    1. The car looks much nicer. Professional looking.

      1. Yep, have to agree with that @phylyp.
        Moreover, I am sure Ron Dennis has to be relieved to see such frivolity gone in favor of clean lines and fonts in a two tone design (though admittedly still sadly lacking in most shades of gray, using tacky gold instead of silver/chrome ;-)

    2. https://www.logoground.com/logo.php?id=149310

      Only $500 for this logo, and they don’t even have to change the colours.

      And the logo comes with scratches, so Grosjean doesn’t have to worry about damaging the paint job.

    3. Whilst we own the stag trademarks and registrations worldwide [including] Canada we don’t want any media circus for [the] team whilst we contest [the] baseless case with Whyte Bikes and win

      Two things: (1) The claim wasn’t baseless, if it was they wouldn’t have lost in the first hearing at the High Court. (2) They have already lost at the High Court and the logos are practically identical…how they think they’ll win is beyond me.

      1. @geemac – the bluster of a sore loser.

    4. I mean, I can’t really tell the difference, so shows how amazing “their” logo is.
      Also, if the allegations are baseless, you wouldn’t do anything.
      Removing is as good as admitting guilty, but I guess the important part for them is another week in the headlines – all publicity is good publicity right?

      1. Only if you actually sell something.

    5. Neil (@neilosjames)
      7th June 2019, 17:07

      Rich Energy really come across as a very unlikeable company. To the extent that beyond the opportunity to sip the fabled unicorn juice, I wouldn’t buy their product even if I liked it.

      1. even if I liked it

        @neilosjames – from what I’ve read from the few who’ve sipped it, I think there’s no risk of that happening. Reactions have typically been neutral to “don’t care”, it’s not like its going to displace Red Bull by taste.

    6. GtisBetter (@)
      7th June 2019, 17:34

      I don’t think you can use the word “baseless” if the court has actually ruled against you.

    7. I’m not very much into energy drinks but the way Rich Energy is handling this makes sure I will refrain at all times from buying one.

    8. I really hope this super shady company doesn’t drag Haas down with it, but there are so many warning signs that this is all part of some high-stakes grift.

      1. @kerrymaxwell – in an earlier story, a commenter mentioned that Haas had secured bank guarantees for the Rich Energy funding. If so, then Haas will get the money no matter what happens, and if things go awry with Rich Energy, it’ll be a bank that’s left holding the tab.

        1. @phylyp

          What’s more concerning is that a bank actually agreed to guarantor on behalf of RE when they are clearly nothing more than a money laundering outfit.

          The whole thing just stinks of shadiness and corruption.

          1. @jett – I have way more sympathy for and concern for the continued existence of Haas than I do for a(ny) bank, so that’s a fair trade of risks, in my book ;)

            But your point is very true, and banks have been complicit in money laundering – HSBC, for instance, is the name that first comes to mind.

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