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Gasly aiming for more after “big step forward” at Silverstone

2019 British Grand Prix

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Pierre Gasly intends to build on what he described as “by far the best weekend of the year” for him so far at Silverstone.

The Red Bull driver finished a season-best fourth and narrowed his deficit to the team’s other car, driven by Max Verstappen, in qualifying. It followed a tough weekend in Austria two weeks earlier where he was lapped by his team mate, prompting a thorough review of his approach to race weekends.

“There was quite a lot of things going on after after Austria, a lot of meetings with a team checking how we can improve the whole thing,” Gasly explained.

“We made a lot of changes and I’m just pleased that from the first session we could see the big step forward. Strong Friday, strong Saturday, strong Sunday. I just enjoyed the whole weekend a lot more so we can be pleased with the step we made.”

“There are just so many things that made it possible,” he added. “It wasn’t like one big thing it was just many little things to sort out and finally to maximise.”

Gasly, who has scored just 55 of Red Bull’s 191 points so far this season, says there is still more to come.

“It’s still not perfect but I think we did a massive step forward in every area,” he said. “We still need to find that extra final step to make it to the podium but the whole weekend was strong.”

“I’m someone that is always optimistic,” he added. “I’ve been always confident [that] once we get everything sorted things will get better. I’m happy things came together this weekend. But I just think we need to keep pushing in that direction and I will get even more.”

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10 comments on “Gasly aiming for more after “big step forward” at Silverstone”

  1. Max’s set-up.

  2. That max set-up thing has been spun the wrong way. Gasly was forced to run the set up. early in the season gasly said he wasn’t comfortable with how max ran his car. About the power mode, I don’t know about that rumour but it sounds as if rb didn’t want to risk gasly’s reliability for no reason, since he’s not quik enough.

    1. That’s spinning a different story. Gasly started with the only setup the team had: Max’s.
      He did not liked it and made some alterations. Every race he tried to find a setting that fitted his driving style but obviously he did not succeeded.
      That’s when the team stepped in and returned him to the setup of max as a baseline.
      It looks like he is able to build his own setup based on that baseline. Alterations and developments in the car will ease that process probably.
      He never “had to run Max’s setup,” until the team stepped in after austria.

      1. erikje, that does not seem to be quite right either – although the news reports about Gasly using Max’s set up came out after the Austrian Grand Prix, it appears that the team had actually given the instruction to Gasly to revert to Max’s set up for the Austrian Grand Prix.

  3. Max’s set-up combined with engine mode 11 contributed to his form during the British GP weekend to an extent as well. On a more serious note: I hope he can keep this form throughout the remainder of the season instead of it being just a one-off.

  4. Apparently the Red Bull is a much improved beast and should have been challenging for the lead at Silverstone.

    The next race should see Ferrari demoted to third row of the grid, with Red Bull going toe to toe with Mercedes.

    We shall see.

    [What was Riccardo thinking… ]

    1. He doesn’t want to be the next Webber ag Red Bull maybe? 🤪😂

  5. Max was still faster than GAS despite being punted by VET and having a damaged car and scruffed up tyres… How on Earth are people calling that a good drive 🤢🙄?

    1. Did you watch the Austrian race? Anything is a good drive compared to that.

  6. If Gasly does better with MV set up, MV should copy LH set up

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