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Alfa Romeo appeal to be heard next month

2019 German Grand Prix

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Alfa Romeo will have to wait until next month to learn whether it will regain the 10 points lost when both its cars were penalised in the German Grand Prix.

Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi were given 30-second time penalties when the performance of the clutches on both their cars were found to be outside the accepted parameters.

Team managed Beat Zehnder confirmed today the team’s appeal will be heard on September 24th at the FIA headquarters in Paris, following the Singapore Grand Prix.

“We’ve been penalised after the race and we went for appeal, which is the normal procedure if you want to fight, and you think you have some arguments to win – otherwise you wouldn’t do it,” he said.

“It’s an ongoing process and I cannot give you any information,” Zehnder added during today’s FIA press conference.

The penalties relegated both Alfa Romeo drivers out of the points. They promoted Lewis Hamilton and Robert Kubica to ninth and 10th places respectively. Haas also gained seven points as a result of the double penalty.

Claire Williams said her team is not taking much satisfaction from its single point of the season so far which it scored as a result of Alfa Romeo’s penalties.

“Alfa have submitted their appeal against that so I think we’re going to have to wait and see,” she said. “But one point for me, I think, as a Williams, I can’t personally be happy with that and I don’t think anyone in our team is necessarily ecstatic about it.”

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4 comments on “Alfa Romeo appeal to be heard next month”

  1. I hope things go well for Alfa.
    As an aside, does anyone know what would happen if the driver applied a small amount of brake at the start, such that the MGU-K was active while the car started to accelerate? Would that act as a sort of traction control? For example, say one wheel started to spin, would the MGU-K apply a loading to that wheel and not to the other one?

    1. I too would like to see this go away. I guess Claire wasn’t too keen in penalizing Alfa, which leaves the main suspect, even more suspect.

  2. Interestingly, the Sky Sports commentators are saying the reason for both Alfa drivers being penalised is because they were given instructions on how to do a standing start after doing several formation laps. I guess they mustn’t have read the FIA reports on the matter.

    1. For anyone interested the commentators discussing this is around 31:40 into the video for FP1 that I was watching.

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