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Mercedes expect Hamilton will take part in qualifying after crash

2019 Belgian Grand Prix

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Mercedes say they expect to be able to complete repairs to Lewis Hamilton’s car in time for him to take part in qualifying for the Belgian Grand Prix.

Hamilton crashed heavily at Fagnes halfway through the final practice session, suffering heavy damage to the front-left of his car. While Hamilton was unhurt, the team have a lot of work to do to repair his car in time for the start of qualifying.

A Mercedes spokesperson confirmed: “We will be replacing both front corners (suspension and wheel assemblies), nose, barge boards and floor” on Hamilton’s car.

“Barring unexpected nasty surprises, we believe we can complete all of the work in time for the start of qualifying,” they added.

Qualifying is due to begin at 3pm local time, and Mercedes will have to get Hamilton’s car on track during the opening, 18-minute Q1 session.

As the team has not indicated it will need to replace any parts of the power unit or gearbox on Hamilton’s car, he should not have to take any grid penalties.

Hamilton’s crash meant he only covered four laps in final practice. However the disruption to the session meant no one else did more than 15 laps of running in the final hour before qualifying.

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14 comments on “Mercedes expect Hamilton will take part in qualifying after crash”

  1. The mechanics should get their own netflix series . They are incredible

    1. geoffgroom44 (@)
      31st August 2019, 12:59

      totally agree…all mechanics in F1 are amazing…and so are the wheel change teams.

    2. Problem is, film only runs at 24 frames-per-second. The mechanics move too fast for that. ;)

  2. I hate to see Ham crash, cause I can’t stand Croft’s depression, luckily Leclerc topped fp again, seeing vettel behind charles eases off david’s pain and mine’s as a viewer. yesterday fp1 was a cringe fest as well.

    1. Hopefully Leclerc can finally get a little luck and win

  3. The Ziggo reporter was terrible normally Olaf but this time the reporter dentist of F1 Jack. Oh number 44 Bottas crashed … later oh that is Lewis ofcourse with number 44 ….

  4. I think Ferrari may split strategy and put Vettel on the soft tyre for the start. 1-2 on the grid for Ferrari with Vettel able to pull away while Leclerc backs up the pack. Should prevent the undercut from Mercedes but means Leclerc’s race will be compromised.

    1. Back to favouring Vettel? Maybe, sounds an ideal route for Ferrari to screw up yet another race where they’re ahead.

      1. It seems to be their thinking but you could equally say they should favour Leclerc. I think based on race simulations Ferrari cannot win this race unless they do something with strategy.

    2. …to be honest, I was anticipating this being Leclerc’s first win. The biggest threat to that probably does come from his own team.

      1. race pace Ferrari is behind Merc and RB don’t expect a win.

  5. I don’t understand how you can crash at Spa.. does anyone know where precisely this crash took place?

    1. Fagnes. Turn 8, I think.

  6. Very uncharacteristic error from Lewis

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