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Delay to F1 final practice following F3 crash

2019 Italian Grand Prix

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The final Formula 1 practice session for the Italian Grand Prix has been delayed due to track repairs following the huge crash in this morning’s Formula 3 race.

Alex Peroni’s car was launched onto the barrier at the exit of Parabolica after he appeared to strike a kerb at the exit of the corner. The kerb and the barrier Peroni landed on are being worked on ahead of the start of practice.

The session officially started on time but the pit lane exit will remain closed until the work at the corner has been completed.

No start time for the session has been given. Teams have been advised they will be given a five-minute warning before the session begins.

Update: The cars were sent out to start the session following a 10-minute delay.

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One comment on “Delay to F1 final practice following F3 crash”

  1. Sausage kerbs have been the biggest danger since day 1 of their introduction.
    Thank god Peroni wasn’t hurt!

    Hope sausage kerbs will be banned immediately everywhere.

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