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2019 Japanese Grand Prix TV Times

2019 Japanese Grand Prix

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Here are the details of Sky and Channel 4’s coverage of the 2019 Japanese Grand Prix in the UK and ESPN’s in the USA:

2019 Japanese Grand Prix: Friday 11 October – Sunday 13 October 2019


Day Session Channel Coverage starts Session starts Session ends
Friday Japanese Grand Prix first practice live Sky Sports F1 01:45 02:00 03:30
Friday Japanese Grand Prix second practice live Sky Sports F1 05:45 06:00 07:30
Saturday Japanese Grand Prix third practice live Sky Sports F1 03:45 04:00 05:00
Saturday Japanese Grand Prix qualifying live Sky Sports F1 06:00 07:00
Saturday Japanese Grand Prix qualifying highlights Channel 4 13:30
Sunday Japanese Grand Prix qualifying live Sky Sports F1 01:30 02:00
Sunday Japanese Grand Prix live Sky Sports F1 04:30 06:10
Sunday Japanese Grand Prix highlights Channel 4 14:25

USA (Eastern)

Day Session Channel Coverage starts Session starts Session ends
Thursday Japanese Grand Prix first practice live ESPNNEWS 20:55 21:00 22:30
Friday Japanese Grand Prix second practice live ESPN2 00:55 01:00 02:30
Friday Japanese Grand Prix third practice live ESPNU 22:55 23:00 00:00
Saturday Japanese Grand Prix qualifying live ESPN2 01:55 02:00
Saturday Japanese Grand Prix qualifying live ESPNNews TBC 21:00
Sunday Japanese Grand Prix live ESPN 01:05 01:10

NB. All Saturday running at Suzuka cancelled due to Super Typhoon Hagibis

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2019 Japanese Grand Prix

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14 comments on “2019 Japanese Grand Prix TV Times”

  1. Richard Burns
    8th October 2019, 6:31

    Not sure if the Western media caught it but there’s a big typhoon coming in due on Saturday.

    We’re heading to Suzuka and it’s my wife’s first grand Prix so hopefully we won’t have a complete wash out

    1. Good luck.

  2. For this venue, the FP2 commences within the same hour as the race itself. I don’t understand why this approach isn’t applied for the Russian GP as well or hasn’t for the Azerbaijan GP over these two occasions of taking place in late-April. I can still understand the qualifying-session commencing during a different hour to the race itself, but not the FP2.

    1. All the best races occur with as little possible useful correlation data between quali and/or race and the practice sessions. The best policy overall would be to only have one restricted practice session in which to verify reliability, allow new drivers to familiarize, etc. Unlikeky to happen though, practice sessions are important for vendors and fans to have an extra chance to see the cars running.

  3. Grosjean ahead of Vettel!!
    It could only happen in Japan [and probably for only a few corners]

    Great circuit. 1 engine supply deal, so so…. But no teams and no drivers.
    Japan is resting on past glories.

  4. Expected to be a very wet race due to cyclone. Should be interesting if race is allowed to gp ahead.

      1. Should have added.
        Arrival at about the time Qualifying is due to take place.

        1. If the cyclone does make landfall on Saturday as predicted then I really hope they cancel the race as we already have one example of race being allowed to go on during cyclone in Japan leading to death of a driver.

          1. Well hopefully both organisers and Drivers have learned from that tragic accident.

  5. Anyone know when the next live Sky 1 broadcast is..? Or how to find out?

  6. Does anyone know if the GP could take place on Monday instead if it’s not possible to run it on Sunday?

  7. Sky F1 will start 01:30
    “Sky Sports F1 will remain live from 1.30am onwards, when the channel’s qualifying build-up begins, all the way through the UK night and morning for all the action and reaction until 9.30am, when the first race replay starts.”

  8. Filling in a “TBC,” looks like qualifying will be on ESPNews at 2055 hours US east coast time.

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