Pierre Gasly, Toro Rosso, Suzuka, 2019

Suspension problem left Gasly “really afraid the last few laps”

2019 Japanese Grand Prix

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Pierre Gasly was concerned about his car’s handling in the final laps of the Japanese Grand Prix due to a rear suspension problem.

His Toro Rosso developed a problem at the right-rear which affected his ride height and tyre wear on that corner of the car.

“We had a suspension problem at the end of the race which made it even more difficult,” said Gasly.

“I was just really afraid the last few laps, just all over the place. [130R] was so neutral every lap, like going through it with DRS wide open so that was really tough.

“So towards the end it was a lot of hard work but I’m happy we made it in the points in Japan in front of all the Honda fans.”

Gasly tangled with Sergio Perez on the final lap of the race, a collision which left the Racing Point driver in the barriers. “That was really big,” he said, “so I knew for sure it wasn’t ideal.”

The pair were later cleared over the collision but Gasly said he didn’t want to pass judgement on it until he had seen a reply. “I want to see first if I could have done something different or if he could have done something different before blaming anyone.”

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2 comments on “Suspension problem left Gasly “really afraid the last few laps””

  1. He should’ve backed off earlier rather than attempt to re-take the place lost to Checo there anymore given the circumstances. Checo had already gained the position and had quite a few laps fresher tyres, as well as, a fully-working suspension, LOL.

  2. If this issue was known by the team, is this not just as dangerous as LeClerc and his endplate?

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